The Yoga of Eating – How Food Choices Affect our World… Part 1 of 3

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Carmen Allgood
Wake Up World

For those of you who have read any of my previous articles posted on Wake Up World, you know that my main focus is on healing the mind from our false sense of separation from love. All the decisions we make while we are having a human experience will reflect in our bodies, which are temporary, and are simply vehicles for communication in this world. All real communication is mental, and this is undeniable.

But while we seem to be here in this world, each of us will carry the weight of the physical world, and we call this ‘the body.’ Bearing in mind that the body will not last, we can still make decisions about how we choose to see it, and what its perceived purpose in our lives is. We can also make decisions about how we choose to take care of this vehicle, and this three-part series will revolve around our food choices, the impact of these choices on our bodies, and the world as a whole.

  • With the world in uproar over Monsanto and all the horrifying information about our food sources, it is unfortunate that the vast majority of us are simply not in a position to be self-sufficient when it comes to raising our own food. Modest gardens are more of a pastime than a means of feeding an individual, a family, or the masses. Just over 200 years ago, 90% of Americans were farmers. Today, most farms are corporate run and have reduced that figure to around 2%.

    So many variables factor into the mix when it comes to raising food for the masses: land availability, cost of energy, soil quality, water, erosion, crop rotation, insects, fertilizer, pesticides, weather in general, seed sources, etc. Of course, all of us would prefer quality controlled organic fruits and veggies, but this is based on supply in demand and affordability. And because the world is all connected, how clean are these supplies anyway? Our air is polluted, the land is dirty, and water is contaminated.

    The behind-the-scenes reality of the meat and dairy industries is so filthy that most of us would lose our lunch if we saw how our dinner was made. Today, a lot of us are aware that seemingly pure and simple food supplies, such as soy and corn, are so contaminated with poison, this should make all of us cringe. Monsanto, and GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) are buzz words that have blown away our perceptions about clean, healthy food supplies.

    We should all have a bone to pick with the meat and dairy industries because they are so cruel and inhumane. The suffering that goes into producing a hamburger could hardly be called a ‘happy meal.’ Let’s not deceive ourselves into thinking that factory farm animals lead a happy, healthy life, and don’t mind being slaughtered so we can have something to eat. The fear and anguish suffered by these animals is released into their muscles and organs, which can never be cleansed or cooked away. In other words, we ingest their agony and suffering as a result.

    For the time being, there’s not a lot we can do to stop the contamination of our food supplies as a whole. This will take at least a decade if we start today. With that in mind, let’s examine what we can do to at least give our bodies a fighting chance. Ways to reduce the damage caused by our unwitting intake of poisons and pesticides (that are not required by law to be listed on the ingredient labels of the foods we buy and eat) can be minimized by:

    Eating lower on the food chain
    1. Reduce, or eliminate, our intake of all animal based foods: meat, dairy, poultry, fish
    2. Increase our intake of grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and legumes

    In other words, consider making a shift, or transition, to a vegetarian-based diet. The food pyramid has been reversed from what it was just 25 years ago. People from all walks of life are more in tune with their bodies, and have all kinds of choices to make when it comes to what’s for dinner!

    The 5 most popular reasons for eating lower on the food chain
    1. Personal health
    2. Easy, natural weight loss
    3. Lower cholesterol levels
    4. Environmental concerns
    5. Compassion for animals

    There are no plant-based foods that contain cholesterol. While fats may appear in certain vegetarian items, the real culprit will always be excessive amounts of meat and dairy. The link to devastating diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis, caused by over-consumption of meat and dairy products, is being made increasingly clear by medical science, and not just a bunch of ‘tree-hugging, granola lovers.’ The evidence is in, folks, so the real question is: do we care?

    A basic suggestion is to eliminate as many processed foods as possible. Create meals that are full of colorful veggies, grains, Non-GMO products, and minimize our salt and sugar intake. While making a transition to a vegetarian diet, people are marveled at the new spices they learn to use, while lowering their bill at the grocery store. And we might as well mention easy, natural weight loss, and an increase in energy.

    If we find ourselves at a crossroad when it comes to our natural health and well-being, we shouldn’t feel as though we are alone. Millions of people around the world are making subtle, gradual shifts in overall consciousness, because the time is at hand. We have a lot of great company. Altering one’s personal life-style is really a mental adjustment and an attitudinal change. We can all draw on the resources available in our super-sonic information era, and decide what works best for us. Here’s to happy eating as we all find ourselves in the fortunate position of walking back to happiness! Love is the Answer.

    Carmen Allgood © February 2012

    About the Author

    Carmen Allgood is the author of: The beginner’s guide to inner peace – Beyond Diapers – How not to wallow in your own poop“. Carmen offers readers a modern day exploration of spiritual evolution, with a timely twist of pop-psychology for the masses who are starved for lasting peace of mind and true happiness. Carmen unveils the mysteries of love, reveals the means to heal the mind and thus the body, and the simple steps available to all of us to live in constant joy.  She also produces syndicated independent music radio shows, which have featured 20,000 Independent Artists from around the world.

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