The Wave of Energy You’ve All Been Waiting For Has Begun: 12-12-12 to 12-21-12

Michael Forrester, Prevent Disease
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Energy and consciousness can neither be destroyed nor created. All that is and all that you are exists for eternity. If it exists, there is no such thing as it not existing. Since there are only transfers of energy, what you perceive as death is simply a portal to another existence. However, dramatic shifts in the consciousness of a species is possible and what is emerging for the next ten days will serve as the launching platform to change the energy of humanity and the planet at a profound level.

Who you are today is always different than who you were yesterday and who you are tomorrow. There actually is no yesterday or tomorrow since the present is all you really have control of, but since human emotions and DNA are energetically bound to perceive a past and future, these states of agreed upon circumstances called “memory” for past and “illusion” for future, affect our present state and the continual reprogramming of the cells in our body.

From this perspective and in terms of tapping into higher levels of space and time, who you are in 2013 will be an upgraded version of who you are today. This includes having greater control and awareness of your power.

Think of a computer and all its components. Data is stored on the hard drive, image and video capabilities are enhanced by the graphics controller and the retrieval capabilities of data are dependent on memory. However, nothing functions well without the central processing unit (CPU) which is the brains of the computer. If the CPU lags behind any of the other components when introducing new software, you need to upgrade the CPU to keep up. The human body’s CPU is being upgraded to help keep up with new software that is being downloaded. It can also be said that human memory is being upgraded so that data can be accessed at a much faster rate and more randomly that the logical order which currently dominates the human brain.

  • Most people don’t realize this but the body has two CPUs. Some women suggest men have three, but for the purposes of this discussion we will briefly discuss the two primary CPUs that govern bodily and energetic systems of ALL humans. They are the brain and the heart.

    The brain is the command center of sensory information for the physical body and dictates responses based on past experience and current conditions. The heart, as Aristotle decreed is the seat of the soul. It is much more than the master pump of the body’s life force. It is an electromagnetic master switch producing far more electrical and magnetic energy than the brain could ever be capable of. For this reason, it has much more power to alter human consciousness, override the brain’s sensory information and reprogram the energetic overlay that encompasses every human being.

    So what does this all have to do with the current wave which started Dec 12th? Everything. This day is an initiation point that is setting off an explosion of new energy, upgrading our existing programming and essentially rewiring the way the brain interacts with the heart and vice versa. There are no specific planetary or astrological alignments influencing this upgrade. This is simply a wave of energy humans have created for themselves. The brain is not designed to anticipate how your life may present itself in the future, as the most it can achieve is a visualization. However, the heart can anticipate exactly what is going to happen and you will finally understand its language.

    It is allowing for a recalibration to take place and the power of love and manifestation of our deepest desires to materialize. Those failing to embrace the wave with positive intent and celebration will find it very challenging and difficult in the months that follow. Crises may develop, so keep this in mind if you enter a few road blocks on your path. Know they are being of service, so realign intention and continue on your path to transformation.

    The old world, and 3rd density processes are being shredded and can no longer exist in the current 4th density which is actually a 5th dimensional reality where the earth is now residing. Although the changes will not be immediate, governments, political structure, monetary systems, social infrastructure, communication and technology are all being transformed.

    There will still be some degree of polarity, however you will have more flexibility in space and time and experience greater synchronicity. In 3rd density, there was a time lag between your creations and how they would manifest into physical reality. In 4th density, that time lag will be greatly reduced and the manifestations may be immediate for many.

    Depending on your geographical location, you have approximately ten days until December 22rd to follow your excitement and passion to create positive intentions that will echo throughout the planet. Optimal integration will take place from December 21st to December 22nd. You will feel different during this period and must write down your intentions so they are out of the mind and on paper as you will have many ideas that may escape you after this critical period.

    This will have an amplifying, integrative and unifying effect on those around you including the entire collective as a whole. Eventually, you come to embrace this integrative energy so well, you will wonder how it was possible to accomplish anything on the opposite side of this spectrum. It will be a stark contrast to the segregated and deconstructing negative energy you have been used to since your birth.

    The point is to ride this wave and be more conscious as a manifester. Rather than allow your beliefs to be governed by negative emotions of lack, fear, doubt and hesitation, you must allow positive vibrations of peace and love knowing that everything that you have ever experienced has been of service and still is.

    Since you began to awaken, you have been experiencing endings and beginnings, remembering all the cycles within your own hearts and lives. You have had contact with many other beings which you are unaware of at this time, but you will remember.

    It is the time of times and you are divinely positioned and primed to fulfill your intentions for this lifetime and for participating in the collective upliftment of reality on earth. Humanity will now rise above many limitations thought impossible.

    You will pass through this portal with many others and you will enter into a new world which you will soon realize is very different from the old one. It will take some time, but the positive energy will outweigh the negative and this snowball effect will envelope human consciousness causing everything to change.

    You are well prepared and you must trust yourself. Know that you are loved and that you are never alone. You are divine being of light and it’s time to show your magnificence.

    About the Author

    Michael Forrester is a spiritual counselor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.

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