The True Purpose of a Daily Spiritual Practice

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The most important aspect and benefit of a spiritual practice aside from how it shifts and raises our energy and level of consciousness is its influence and seamless integration into every other aspect of our lives.I believe there is some confusion about spirituality and what a spiritual practice really is. It is not an isolated thing which we do sometimes alone in our rooms, but which has no effect on the rest of our lives. Nor is it based on faith or belief, but rather experiencing directly a new, powerful, and unlimited aspect to ourselves.

What Is A Spiritual Practice?

A spiritual practice is something which brings us into direct contact with the unlimited aspect of our being, and to the truly mystical and dreamlike nature of reality. It is an awakening to the magical nature of ourselves and this unfathomable reality we exist in against all logic and reason. And through this experience we also discover within us true power, unlimited creativity, boundless love, and perpetual inspiration, passion, and enthusiasm all of which we can apply to every thing we do and to all aspects of our lives.

You don’t have to be a saint without a single flaw or bad habit in order to adopt a spiritual practice, because the spiritual journey and practice is the path to perfection, not the result of it. Therefore even if you have habits which are not healthy or beneficial in their nature, and especially if this is the case, then a spiritual practice is for you. It will help you work through those difficulties, problems, and issues and lead you back to yourself which will transform you and your life spontaneously and organically as a result of your return.

  • A spiritual practice is the path to breaking down all barriers within us and all limitations so that we can step into an extraordinary existence where the impossible and the miraculous becomes our every day reality. If your spiritual practice is not doing this then something needs to be changed.

    It is our birthright to live the most extraordinary lives and to experience the diversity of this reality and the best that existence has to offer, according to our own unique desires and understanding of what that may be. Our lives and reality itself is a dream, and through the process of awakening within that dream through a spiritual practice we also gain the power to manifest spontaneously anything that we desire.

    You were born to fly. You are here to learn, to create, to play, to grow, to love, to awaken, and to evolve. Our spiritual practice is simply a part of our lives, and yet what it leads to is the pervasion of higher consciousness, new energy and vitality throughout our entire lives, enabling you to do all that you came here to do and be all that you desire to be.

    Spiritual practice (for the majority of us at least) is not an end in and of itself, but a doorway. It’s purpose is to awaken us to the true nature of reality and to our own potential so that we can express our knowledge, wisdom, love, and creativity to the world and live our highest calling. Too often I see myself and others cultivating a spiritual practice but still living in a world of conflict, mundanity, disconnection, limitation, scarcity, powerlessness, and poverty consciousness. But this needs to change.

    Our spiritual practice is the action and the discipline which unlocks our life force, our brilliance, and which leads us to true freedom. But freedom only from ourselves – the prison of our ego. What you do with what you unlock is up to you, and it is of exactly equal importance to the spiritual practice itself. What is the point in tapping into this unlimited brilliance, power, creativity, love, inspiration, and abundance within yourself if you do not share it as well? And if you do not infuse your life with it?

    The spiritual practice itself is the yin aspect of your life, bringing you closer to source and to self-realization. Living is the yang aspect of your spiritual practice. Thus the spiritual practice is there to release the bonds of your self-expression so you can be just what you are and shine your light into the world. Raising it and transforming it as an integral part of this global awakening, leading to your own evolution. And our evolution.

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