The Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit That Could End Financial Tyranny, Part II: History Lesson

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David Wilcox
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The greatest secret in the world, as I have now discovered, is that “Gold is as Plentiful as Sand.” This is obviously an exaggeration, but apparently not by much. It has been truly stunning for me to uncover this information.

All this gold had to be confiscated, by a vast method of worldwide deception, in order to pave the way for a “New World Order” —  where money could be created out of thin air.

To truly understand this highly secretive battle that has led to “The Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit That Could End Financial Tyranny,” you have to go back in time.

Everything ultimately becomes East Versus West in this grand “Illuminati” game — as I finally now understand.

My investigation of this story led to direct threats against my life, relayed by one of my top insiders. Therefore I take this very seriously… and I don’t want to leave anything out.


Let’s begin by thinking about wealth. What do people really see as being valuable?

Wealth doesn’t just appear in the form of commodities like gold — it also manifests in high-quality products of various kinds.

Anything that enhances our comfort and enjoyment of life is wealth. It’s something we’re more than happy to pay for.

For thousands of years, Asia was producing the most highly-regarded stuff in the world — including those things that appealed to the most primal human instincts.


Asians discovered there was a white worm that would spin flossy webs of a very fine material. This material could be collected, gently cooked and made into durable clothing that was extremely soft — almost supernaturally soft.

Asians also spent hundreds of generations hunting for the best possible dyes — allowing them to make bright, vibrant colors that were not available anywhere else in the world.

By combining these two technologies, gorgeous, colorful silk fabrics with incredible designs could be produced.

The softness of silk was directly associated with sexual pleasure.

The feeling of wearing or rubbing against silk was enough to get you totally aroused — and it was also very expensive.

Cotton was also a key Asian import. You could make clothes that were much softer, and more comfortable than linen or wool, and much less prone to wrinkling than linen.


Asians were also making all sorts of ceramics, including incredibly detailed vases painted with dragons in gold leaf. Elaborate, fancy china sets were also created, using firing techniques unknown to the Western world.

Still to this day, Westerners have a deep, almost genetic memory of impressing their guests by “breaking out the fine china.”

In the olden days, simply having a genuine china set to serve dinner on was a sign that you were really a hot shot. Otherwise your plates and bowls were probably made out of wood, metal or stone.

Tea-drinking, so central to European life, simply isn’t the same without white ceramic teacups — which could only be purchased in China.

For many hundreds of years, no one had any idea how to make such fine glazed ceramics in the West — though they did finally catch up.


We are bombarded by images. In any given day, we can see tens of thousands of different images of beautiful things and beautiful places… all without ever leaving the home.

It wasn’t until I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York that I realized why people would pay so much money for paintings… back in the old days.

There were no pictures. There were no movies. There was nothing to see. If you didn’t go to these beautiful places in person, you didn’t see anything nice. Period.

Who could afford to travel? And even if you did go somewhere that was beautiful, how much of the view would you really remember as the years went by?

Most people’s lives were too caught up in day-to-day survival to ever see something as majestic as a mountaintop view or a beautiful shore. If they were lucky, they might get to see the color of fresh spring flowers for a few weeks a year — that’s it.

It took a lot of work for me to imagine my way into such a boring, monochromatic life — seeing the exact same things, day after day, and nothing else. Nothing nice. Nothing special. Just the same four wooden walls.

Asians were making rugs that were extremely detailed, colorful and beautiful. Everyone had to have one. It became the focal-point of your home. You could lose yourself in the beauty of its patterns — and let your mind drift to finer worlds.


We completely take flavors for granted these days. People would have literally killed each other to get their hands on those little containers in our kitchen that we haven’t even opened in the last five years.

It’s hard to imagine a life in which the food was as bland and monochromatic as the scenery — but that’s the way it was.

Asia had delicious spices that were unavailable anywhere else in the world — key ingredients we now take for granted in dinners and desserts.

For example, cinnamon was extremely rare and expensive just a couple hundred years ago. It came from the bark of a tree that only grew in Asia.

Not only is cinnamon a well-known aphrodisiac, just think about what happens to almost any dessert with a little cinnamon added in… particularly cooked apples. Without that complex, marvelously seductive note of cinnamon, it’s just not the same.

Nowadays, if you see a jar of cinnamon on the ground, you probably won’t even pick it up. In the old days, you would have grabbed it and ran like hell.

Sugar wasn’t available except as an Asian spice back in those days either. The same goes for coffee. Life just wasn’t as sweet without Asian goods.


Imagine tasting the zing of chili peppers for the first time. Or the distinctive enchantment of coriander — known as cilantro in Mexico, a key ingredient in making guacamole and burritos taste right.

Black pepper was so greatly loved that it is still a cliche’ in the Western world to have it on your table, right next to the salt. This was ultimately the single most profitable and widespread Asian spice export — literally shipping out by the ton.

Ginger adds a deliciously complex buzz to sweet and savory dishes alike. Only the very rich could afford gingerbread or ginger cookies.

The licorice flavor comes from anise… which is native to China. Don’t just think about candy… veggies flavored with anise form an excellent companion to fine meats, such as lamb or fish.


In a Thai restaurant, you will be dazzled by notes of lime leaves, lemongrass, Thai basil, coconut extract and galangal. Imagine the joy of bringing that taste home with you after a long, fascinating adventure into Asia.

Cloves add marvelous subtlety to sweet and savory dishes. They became essential additions into a ham before roasting it — and made cookies and sweet breads ‘pop’ in a way nothing else could. If you were really outrageous you could even smoke them like cigarettes.

Nutmeg was another key Asian spice — a marvelous addition to many dishes. Ever taste egg nog? All that splendid, complex flavor is thanks to nutmeg.

The slightly funky allure of cumin can make meats and savory breads come alive — particularly with some nice salt and some of the other spices included. Pair it up with curry leaves, cardamom and turmeric, also only available from Asia, and now you really have something.

And, for someone who lives on “Earl Grey” black tea as a staple of life, day in and day out, imagine what a game-changer it is the first time you sip a beverage brewed from the finest blossoms of jasmine.


Only the ultra-rich, gold-encrusted Westerners could afford to have the best-tasting food.

Imagine busting out a dinner with even a few of the amazing flavors I’ve just listed above — in an otherwise monochromatic world. Jasmine tea. Cinnamon. Sugar. Ginger. Pepper. Cumin. Coffee. Curry. Cardamom. Licorice. Cloves.

Only the very rich could brighten up their dreary days with the best desserts — and the best flavors mixed into their appetizers and entrees.

Think about how powerful it is to serve someone a meal made with flavors their body immediately craves, with almost a sexual urging — even though they have never tasted them before.

Now imagine these meals being served on incredible gold-leaf china, on a fancy table that sits on top of a majestic Oriental rug — with a huge dragon vase in the corner of the room.

If you want to build your status and power in the world, and put on a big show for a potential investor in your latest venture, this would be a great way to do it. “Where do I sign?”


If your investor still wasn’t ready to sign, there was nothing quite like smokin’ him up on some high-octane Asian opium — the ancient forerunner of modern-day heroin.

After that delicious dinner, a beautiful woman hands him his incredible silk “smoking jacket” — just a sexy Asian robe, disguised with a more manly-sounding name.

The hookah beckons him in to the opium den with its spidery arms. Silk pillows and curtains, in lurid reds and pinks, line the room as the almost absurdly-sweet smoke hangs lazily in the air.

You might also want to burn incense in there to make it smell even more extravagant. Sandalwood was another very expensive, highly sought-after Asian export.

Who knows what kinds of wild sex and mystical dreams he will have once he goes in there — with the prostitutes you’d hired for the occasion?

What a show.

Similar pleasures were used to convince men to commit contract murders for payment, without question — in the Order of Assassins.


One amazing dinner served on fine china, followed by an after-party in the opium den, could practically guarantee you would get all the best business contracts.

The most beautiful and highly prestigious women, from the most illustrious families in the country, would all want to join your lavishly opulent parties.

Asia had every ticket to Paradise the ultra-rich could ever ask for… and what could possibly be worth more?

There’s one big problem, though. The Asians refused to accept anything as payment except gold. No trade. No barter. No money. No nothing.

“Paper money? What is this? You want this, and you want to give me a piece of paper? You… you get the hell out of here!”

If you didn’t have gold, you got sent home empty-handed.

For this same reason, much of the gold of the Roman Empire, and later of the Spanish empire, ended up in Asia.


This is one key way in which 85 percent of the world’s gold ended up in Asia.

When I interviewed Fulford in Part One, his sources had informed him this was the main way that Asia got all the gold.

However, a very high-ranking Asian insider has now given me incredible new information on all of this.

Neither he nor his associates have spoken to Fulford or anyone else in the public eye about what they know — for it is much too dangerous.

It turns out there are massive, massive deposits of gold in Asia that have been kept secret — but more on that in a minute.


This insider did not contact me through the Internet. A good friend of mine told him about me, and what I was working on, during a recent trip he took through Asia. They had already been friends for many years by this point.

Had my friend not discussed my story, and the secrets I’ve been uncovering, he probably never would have heard a thing about the highly dangerous, hidden life this man had been leading — for over 20 years now.

At first, when my friend told me this story, it sounded too good. Too easy. Too convenient. I didn’t even take it seriously. I laughed it off. However, once my life was threatened, I started paying attention.

I spoke to this new insider the day after I got my death threat, using my friend’s phone for security. I asked tons of questions and got the whole story in meticulous detail. It is almost impossible that this could have been a setup to feed me disinformation.

This is not a random stranger. His bonafides are well-established — and for now, he must remain anonymous, along with much of his story. I will call him the Jade Lion.


JL revealed that China is sitting on top of an absolutely colossal gold mine.

Secret gold deposits run through Cambodia, Laos and other countries in Southeast Asia as well. It is as if they are literally standing and walking on gold. It’s everywhere.


This secret gold deposit came under the control of a mysterious group known by various names… a group that was instrumental in the founding of modern-day China.

Some call them the Dragon Family. JL says they simply call themselves the Elders.

This is the same group that was responsible for building over 100 pyramids in the Xian province of China.

Emperor Qin, the first of the Dragon Family to rule China, ordered the “Terra Cotta Soldiers” to be built out of his entire army — each one completely personalized, down to the last man — and then had them all buried under one of the pyramids.

According to another high-level insider who corroborated much of these details, the Elders now live in the Forbidden Zone of China. It’s very highly secure and is almost like a nation-state unto itself.

Very few people can gain access to it at all — and it is in a tough mountainous region.

No one would dare threaten the Elders because they have a vast, worldwide network of contacts, as well as the military power of the current Chinese government behind them.


JL told me the Elders eat an extremely pure diet — and cultivate special herbs and medicines that have given them incredible longevity.

Another insider suggested the Elders may possess secrets about the healing benefits of gold that most people are not aware of either.

This could partly explain the otherwise ridiculous-sounding idea that some Elders can live to be as much as 300 years old.

I know I may have lost you right there. However, I will not let my personal biases get in the way of reporting the truth to you, as it was told to me by Jade Lion and others.

One key Elder handling the lawsuit I am about to discuss — different from the trillion-dollar complaint mentioned in Part One — is apparently 165 years old, according to JL.


I asked JL if the Elders were the direct descendants of humans who were born on another planet and migrated here. He personally has no knowledge of this, and was told their supernatural lifespan was merely due to diet and herbs.

Other high-level insiders have revealed to me that fully five different groups of extraterrestrial humans have colonized the Earth in the past. The Elders are apparently the living descendants of one of these groups.

The larger Chinese pyramids were apparently built as landing platforms for their ships. I have been told there are still vast networks of crystalline pipes underneath the ground, linking these sites together.

Much like an RV-equipped park, these pipes allowed them to have water, sewage and power hookups when they landed. Their ships’ defense systems insured they would remain safe from any locals who wanted to attack them.

Chinese legends do report that the pyramids were built by “the Ancient Ones who descended to Earth in flying metallic dragons,” as I reveal in The Source Field Investigations.


Again, according to top insiders I have spoken with, there were five key groups of off-planet immigrants in more recent times.

Each of these groups became royal families in their respective regions. They have tended to keep their bloodlines intact.

Let me be clear in saying that the Elders are peace-loving, highly evolved people.

They wish to see our world transform into a much more positive, loving and prosperous place for everyone.

This is surely going to be one of the most surprising, mind-blowing things to emerge once we do finally have Disclosure.


It is also quite possible that the Elders brought many of their favorite things over from their home world. This may explain why so many great spices could only be found in Asia and nowhere else.

They may also have released some of their technology to the people — including silk and ceramics manufacturing techniques.

It is also possible that the silkworms themselves were not originally native to this planet — and may have even been genetically engineered to perform their uniquely valuable service.

One of my top insiders told me that the great pyramid-building cultures of Atlantis were all founded by immigrant humans who came here from other worlds.

Some people may be laughing at this now, but I don’t think they have a whole lot of time left to remain ignorant of these things.


Remember — JL did not have any personal knowledge of the Elders being the descendants of off-planet human immigrants.

Nonetheless, I also asked him if the Elders have contact with people who have advanced technology and do not live on Earth — perhaps their own distant relatives.

He personally has no knowledge of this, but he did accept that he may not be on a “need-to-know basis” for information like that.


JL’s data nonetheless provides stunning new context to the story of China’s October Surprise that I’ve been hearing from my own insiders.

If you’ve been following my website, you know I’ve been tracking this story ever since October 2010, when it all really started.

The basic gist of the story was that the Federal Reserve screwed China — and in these negotiations, they were told if they didn’t pay up and surrender, China’s extraterrestrial allies would begin systematically destroying their ability to take over the planet.

There are a wide variety of seemingly inexplicable failures of military equipment that can be attributed to this — including a spectacular failure of 50 ICBMs in Wyoming, during which time a cigar-shaped UFO was seen hovering over the facility.

These extraterrestrials are apparently working with China and other nations to insure the G5 “Illuminati” countries cannot fulfill their plans of global dominance and genocide.

The occult insiders’ plan included the staging of a mass, fake alien invasion, using advanced technology. That is no longer possible.

It’s obvious to most open-minded people that UFOs are real. The story behind them is only known to a very privileged few. I have done my very best to put all the pieces together for you.

Apparently this will all be common knowledge — much sooner than we think.


JL has never met any of the Elders personally. However, he is in contact with someone who lives with them and has been working directly with the Federal Reserve families through the Bank of International Settlements.

The Elders’ main contact has been shot at five times in the last year alone. The Elders sued the Federal Reserve families in September 2010 for gold contracts going back hundreds of years, in a secret world court within the BIS — and the Elders won as of December.

These new figures fit in very nicely with the timing of China’s October Surprise, as I had reported it on this website — though JL had never read any of those articles, nor knew anything about it.

The judgment was for 286 Trillion dollars. The Federal Reserve has been delaying the big payout ever since.

However, JL tells me they have been in intense negotiations on a daily basis since last December, and almost all the details have now been worked out.

We therefore should expect major changes to occur “very, very soon.” [Augh… there’s the “S word” again!!!]


Everyone’s life on Earth will dramatically improve if what Jade Lion is telling me is true.

This case, and its eventual outcome, is a completely separate issue from the trillion-dollar lawsuit I covered in Part One.

The trillion-dollar lawsuit is perfectly provable and on public record.

The 286-trillion-dollar lawsuit, on the other hand, occurred in secrecy — and I have no way of proving it is true at this point.

However, other top insiders have since confirmed that this is very real, and it will probably go public by the Spring.

Another insider referred to the time we are about to head into as a “Reset Point” — and said it has huge significance for life on Earth.


The Elders obviously felt it was vital to China’s national security that they not reveal where this vast supply of gold was… or how much of it they really had.

According to JL, China still has vastly more gold reserves than they have been able to mine in the last few thousand years.

Had the Elders revealed this secret, they may not have been able to maintain the illusion that gold was a highly valuable, highly rare commodity.

The Elders had a key strategic advantage by having a nearly limitless supply of the one thing everyone in the world could agree was “real money”.

It is also possible that the Elders brought a gold-synthesizing technology with them, and still use it to this day.

This could explain why other insiders have scratched their heads and said if such secret mines really did exist, they surely should have known about them.


How did the United States go from being just a few ragtag colonies, with people desperately trying to eke out a living, to becoming the world’s pre-eminent superpower?

Is it really as simple as the idea that they had a lot of land to convert into natural resources — and hence economic power?

Apparently not. Without gold to secretly back up the issuance of American currency, they never would have been able to afford to grow so fast. It would have been a massive bubble that would be constantly threatened with destruction.

According to JL, the biggest secret of the United States is that it was all built up with Asian money — directly from the Elders.

America was a rebellion against colonial, imperial, monarchic rule in Europe — and the Asians saw this as a very necessary investment for their own security.


The Dutch, Portugese and British were duking it out for supremacy over the hugely profitable Asian spice trade by the late 1500s. Things started to get serious by 1600, with the formation of the English East India Company.

The Dutch formed the Dutch East India Company in 1602 as a defensive counter-move against this massive power-play.

Things quickly got bloody and nasty. The English scored a decisive military victory against the Portugese in the Battle of Swally in 1612, and their power grew much faster after that. As it says in Wikipedia,

By a series of five acts around 1670, King Charles II provisioned [the East India Company] with the rights to autonomous territorial acquisitions, to mint money, to command fortresses and troops and form alliances, to make war and peace, and to exercise both civil and criminal jurisdiction over the acquired areas.[14]

Essentially, the English were invading Asia, bit by bit — since that’s where all the money was.

They created a corporation that had become a complete nation into itself — an early foreshadowing of the world we live in today. The East India Company could print its own money, declare war, take over any land it wanted to, and make all the rules — with no oversight.

This was all happening right in China’s backyard — and it was all “legal” by 1670. The Elders were obviously very concerned about this — and needed to do something to create an effective resistance against this encroaching menace.


JL told me that the Asians were secretly financing the buildup and development of the United States — well before the American Revolution of 1776.

The people behind the American Revolution obviously had their own agenda, as we now know — but in order to create a massive development project on such a vast scale, they needed an investor… with deep pockets.

The Founding Fathers signed separate, secret contracts for each shipment of gold they received. The Elders fully expected to be paid back for the gold they were shipping out… in time.

They knew it would take many years to build the United States up to the point where it would be fully self-sustaining and profitable on its own — but it was necessary to balance the power equation in the world.

Shiploads of gold, averaging 2000 metric tons per trip, were routinely being sent to the United States. This gold was secretly used as collateral by the United States Treasury to issue currency — financing an unprecedented industrial expansion.

The United States made sure not to give away any of the gold. It was secretly stashed in Mexico and elsewhere as time went on — including places in Asia that were mutually agreed upon for safe keeping.

This secret buildup reached its peak in the 1800s. For almost an entire century, I was told that the United States received as much as two thousand metric tons of gold per month. Every shipload generated a completely separate contract and debt to be repaid.


If you’re not paying attention in American history class, you could easily miss that one day where your teacher talks about how Chinese “slaves” were largely responsible for building the first transcontinental railroad between 1863 and 1869.

The slang name for these laborers was the “Coolies”. Apparently they were the best at shimmying down ropes, planting dynamite in holes cut in the rock, lighting the dynamite and climbing back up the ropes fast enough to avoid getting blown up.

The reality is very different. The “Coolies” were not slaves at all. They were highly-skilled professional builders sent over from Asia. The Chinese didn’t trust Americans to do the job. They sent over their own people to make sure everything went smoothly.

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