The Transcendental Journey from Organized Religion to Christ Consciousness

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It is fair to state that the awakening of the soul, known as Jesus led him into creating the Field of the Christ by transcending the ego, both symbolically and in reality, by the powerful symbolism of the Cross. As I have written previously in this series, the Cross seen as the final vortex point of agony along this path which I refer to as The Via Dolorosa in general.

In our lives many crosses will appear before we get to the final one. That is why that realm isn’t exactly overcrowded, since we seem to avoid the Crosses (unpleasant, painful, doubts, self examination, a tormenting inner dialogue and such) and only go for the smooth cafe latte spirituality, which is a projected entity of the Ego, telling you that: all is blue and dandy and there’s no trouble ahead. Every soul that has set out for the genuine journey to stop the inner suffering/agony will know what I am addressing.

The pendulum swings between positions of joy and agony, and the first thing on this journey is to make that pendulum halt and go into stillness by neutralizing emotions and the intellect, and ‘just’ being the observer of both the inner world and the so called external world.

As stated by Jesus: ‘I am in this world, but not of it’ – which is a pointer to the state of mind that mystically, via the spiritual dynamics it will kick start, also grants you a very clear insight into what we refer to as the Control System or the Matrix. Jesus the Spiritual Warrior fought those entities to both the transcendence of his ego and to his physical death.

  • We all have our trials, sufferings, victories and joy, mostly played out on the inside (that’s why we try to blame others for our own agony), by a tormenting or joyous inner dialog of our very private systems of thought. A classical trial, absurd as it may seem, is disengaging from the ‘System of Belief’ that comes with organized religion: Systems rife with abuse and sadism towards the mystical spiritual dynamics which are in the very core of every scripture and in the lives of saints, whether they be ‘Christian’, ‘Buddhist’, ‘Hindu’, ‘Suffist’ and what have you.

    The argument being: The God Force doesn’t really care about religion.

    It is the path through the field of ending suffering that will lead to what we refer to as enlightenment, once it is out of Ego. Which also indicates why so many have this merging, which I would rather call it, than the ‘Death of the Ego’ as many do. It is a transcendence of the Ego into Soul that finally makes us enlightened and able to reach for that field of pure bliss, which we may briefly encounter via Meditation, the use of DMT (Ayahuasca), Cannabis and such. I must advocate meditation, since it is purely soul driven, as a deep, deep often melancholic longing for the peace that rests in the soft gentleness of the God Force, whatever you perceive that to be in your own spiritual framework.

    One of the real obstacles preventing this merger is the need for spiritual control. As an example we have the very contradicting term, New Age leaders, contradicting since there are no leaders in the free-flowing spirituality which is perfectly stated in the Tao: Be the water, not the container.

    It’s a karmic stupid man’s trap to take responsibility and control over good people seeking the way to enlightenment, which basically is: Looking for the soul. If you are in that club, where you think your Master or self-appointed new age Guru has all the answers, you are not on the path to your soul, you are not on the path to enlightenment, you’re simply on the path of following somebody else’s Ego. It is very hard to detach once the that trap has both your legs. Freeing yourself from that will not only fuel agony but excruciating pain.

    Way too often I hear people say: No, I can’t go there – my ‘teacher’ says it’s not good. Well, it might be bad for your teacher, but what do you think? If you need to go, GO! If one has very strong urges, sexually, romantically, a need to try something mundane out – many seem to forget that the path toward experience goes through ‘learning by doing’ not through blindly obeying somebody’s do’s and don’ts.

    So the best thing would be… listen, learn and try it, meaning: Take inspiration from souls who travelled a bit further on the path and see if it holds. The self-appointed spiritual teacher will expose him or herself through the number of: Do’s and Dont’s. Curiosity never killed anybody, indecisiveness and blind obedience did.

    Have you ever considered that this need to ‘follow’ is a trap of the ego?

    When someone follows, just follows without questioning, it is actually the Ego saying: Nope I wont die, and I will put you in a position of servitude and in order to do that, I will make sure to find you a teacher with some light in him, but you know: It is not so that you will get blinded by it, since if you do, I will have to die.

    So it is Big Ego pulling in egos that still think they need external control in order to be free. Can you see the contradiction? If you can, and you got sucked into this, Run. Have the courage to stare back at the Void that will appear after such a liberating act and call upon the inner warrior to help you through that: Since that will be agony, a cross on the road, The Loner dynamics.

    The right teacher will respond like this:

    – Teacher, what is the nature of water?

    – Go drink it, feel it, swim in it, dive into it and when you’re done would you be so kind as to tell me about it?

    The wrong teacher will respond:

    – Water is sneaky. It is life-giving and life taking. Don’t go there – I do not endorse swimming in it. (And here comes the final control argument): It is full of sharks and they will eat you. Accumulating fear. The teacher knows about sharks, he should – he is one.

    Entering the Field of the Christ, as previously written, is very private and pristine, but the Spiritual dynamics that take us there are cross cultural, they thrive and are hidden in numerous systems of beliefs, hence: The Hidden Awakening Inside Religion.

    We have focused very much on the Ego transcending into Soul and a gateway to the field of Christ.

    We have focused very little on the other vehicles we have inside, being in the flesh and thereby descending into this world in a physical body, since it is only by being in the flesh we can transcend and enter the path. We also have to transcend our intellect, senses and emotions.

    The most solid deception this world has to offer is that it is solid. This world is absolutely not solid. It is: A Field, built on quantum physics, frequencies and the stealth presence of the God Force.

    As I wrote previously: The Rishis have known, felt, and embedded that FACT, thousands of years before cutting edge science could understand it or even knew about it. ‘Rishis’ also refers to the words and deeds of Jesus. There are many references to the Field, in the words of Jesus as we know them and certainly even more in Eastern teachings. Probably because of the organized religion washed out version of what Jesus spoke about, it was altered into a version of: What he didn’t speak about.

    The most obvious:

    God isn’t in a temple (Church) he is everywhere (The Field).

    God doesn’t belong to Specialness; he is Everybody’s God.

    The contradiction between organized religion and the true bare-naked words of Jesus is very, very obvious, and if it weren’t for people’s fear of dying and the afterlife, the churches of this world would suffocate. They are insurance agencies, run by a greedy need for profit.

    In order to stand naked before the God Force and merge with the field of Christ our intellect comes first. Lay it down, slay it down and enter: Innocence – ‘All I know is that I know nothing’. Since the intellect’s only function is to accumulate the Willpower that is the engine in: Keeping on searching.

    The apparent predicament is:

    That we have to satisfy the intellect before we can liberate ourselves from it. So study, deduct, and 2 and 2 and at some point you will find that 2 and 2 makes 5, and that’s where the Agony of casting out the torment of the intellect kicks in. Many people say to me: I can’t read anymore. I don’t understand why. I used to swallow a couple of books a week, now I just can’t read anymore. Well, you fed your ego with knowledge: Time to live it.

    And that is a very crucial vortex point on the path, no matter what path: Do you have the courage to do so? Leave what you know – and enter: The Feel and thereby the Feel of the Path that you are on.

    Which brings me to the well-known saying:

    Step out of emotion.

    Easy to state but what is it? How to?

    The first step would be to contemplate the illusion of emotions. As stated by Rishis: Emotions aren’t real. Emotions can’t be trusted. They come and go and are often controlled by others. Somebody raises anger inside us, well, that might not be our anger but the person’s who raises it. As mentioned in: The Buddha and The Gift.

    We don’t have to plug in.

    Then we realize that a new void will appear, since there suddenly is space for it, when we learn to master our emotions. Hence: The picture of Krishna going on a Chariot holding a band of fierce horses in one hand. The war Krishna is embarking into is the battle of emotions in order to transcend them into a ‘Feel’ and from there transcending that Feel of divinity into a state of mind of bliss, tranquility and joy.


    People say, Feel your body. They do not say, Emotion your body. So deep down in the deep, deep waters of knowledge, and knowledge is not the same as gathered information, pure knowledge is a feel and we call it wisdom.

    Again, dear fellow traveler, don’t beat yourself up that you are not there yet. In order to enter these dynamics, you have to have a clear vision of: Naa, I have had enough emotional turmoil in my life, I’m done with it and I am ready to proceed.

    We have to reach that agony inside of being fed up with being manipulated emotionally and thereby controlled by others. That certainly goes into our private lives and those in it seeking to control us emotionally but, and not least important: It also makes us very aware of what the Matrix and the Control System is doing every second of the day. Trying to control us through fear.

    Walking the Via Dolorosa, as in Christ: The Loner, and having the spiritual courage to do so, facing the ‘death’ of something in us is entering the Agony with eyes wide open and the spiritual dynamics and the protection of the Field itself, will soon transcend the Agony into: Agony/Joy. Same thing – no contradiction – Agony transcended.

    It’s no more mystical than going trekking in the Mountains. Sore legs and a lot of Agony, but the trekker knows why and he sure knows what joy awaits him, once he reaches the top.

    But the first time he does it, he actually doesn’t know. Others have told him, he read about it, has seen a movie about it. His teachers, gurus, saints maybe gave him the idea of what to expect, but the experience. No.

    Only, when he stands up or kneels at his destination, he knows and he will know that he knows.

    Trekkers often go: I can’t describe it. I do not have the words for it (intellect). They say:

    I can’t explain, it’s a feel, I feel close to God. Tears are swooping down my checks. It’s so joyous. It is pure bliss. I don’t feel my pain anymore. I feel like One with all. I feel something bigger than me and I feel I should surrender to it. It is beyond Ego. The feel I have is not: You did it, oh, you’re such a skilled trekker.

    No it is very humbling and very empowering and the highest point of their emotions. In that blink of a divine second their emotions, the emotional software, transcended into a Feel of many colors, fragrances and frequencies all collected in the: Awe of God, the awe of their struggling coming to an end and a mystical feel of: Explanations that are beyond the intellect.

    That explanation being:

    You’re there. Finally, home in yourself again. The Self that is suddenly not so important anymore, since we, in that moment whatever that moment might be, will know with our celestial intuition is only the mere start of even greater mountains to climb.

    This article (The Transcendental Journey from Organized Religion to Christ Consciousness) was originally created and published by Soren Dreier and is re-posted here with permission.  © 2016 Soren Dreier

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