The Technocracy’s 1984 Predictive Programming

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Jay Dyer, Guest
Waking Times

All the smart dummies, upper class and yuppies go along with and/or join the Outer Party, thinking they’ll win, when the Inner Party hates them more than the proles.

As I have documented many times, the coming technocracy is not something to come in the dark, distant future, but a present reality. Snowden’s supposed “revelations” were nothing more than rehashed information from years ago that James Bamford included in all his books. Technology is actually 30 years ahead of what is released to the public, and this means the coming AI dominated central system is presently in its reconnaissance stage, gathering intel on the best human opponents through the large online gaming communities. Through all the tracing and tracking, the supercomputers are storing the data for future-predictive algorithmic war gaming.

  • The key issue to understand is that the very computer system outlined in Asimov’s Foundation is now a reality. In Foundation, Hari Seldon figures out how to track mass movements over long periods of time for future predictive programming. While I do not believe that a computer can become sentient, the transhumanist technocracy being erected is more interested in the implementation of a techno slave grid that will massively depopulate and reorganize society. This is why the computer games are so crucial: from Halo to World of Warcraft to Black Ops, the information is all being stored and analyzed for the purpose of creating a system in which human error is unable to bring the system down.

    The logic of this system is, in a limited sense, highly logical: past elites were unable to maintain control due to human degeneration and mistakes. The thinking behind a technocracy is that AI programmed bots will not err, and the ruling structure will thus never fail. The large tech companies have all discussed this openly at large conferences and in white papers, but the ignorant public marches on, building the very system to enslave with their own money. Money is a symbol of energy, and the erection of the mass surveillance grid is not for the purpose of security or preventing “terrorism.” The purpose is that which is laid out by science fiction writers, scientists and technocrats, and that plan is massive depopulation and a reboot of society. However, in a deeper sense, it is not logical: what is the reason, the logos, of building a world system that is self-destructive? The only answer that is rational is evil. Those that have bought into this lie, believe the transhumanist falsehood that immortality will be given through technological progress. The assumption of those who go along with this scheme is that they will be given all the life extension and Elysium style gifts of the gods to bring about a spacely Valhalla.

    Agent Smith appears in a creepy GE ad for hospitals. This is a dark, inside joke. They didn’t choose Neo – they chose Agent Smith for the ad!

    But there are several flaws with this logic. First, there is no reason to believe that a system that is fundamentally anti-human and anti-life will pay off the dividends it promises. Those at the top of our system are master con men villains. Everyone knows from archetypal stories from time immemorial the villain lies. Villains are known precisely for betraying those they recruit underneath them. It should therefore be incumbent upon those in the system not to trust their overlords, yet that is inevitably what men do.

    What we will see is a future that is literally what is shown in films like The Terminator and its sequels. We will not see bots that look like Arnold time travelling back to 2000 to kill John Connor: we will see a synchronization of all technology through the internet, with Smart Houses, Smart Cities, Smart Cars, etc., all linked to Smart Drones and Smart Bot Police, monitoring all things, and, ultimately, bringing about a mass kill-off of 90% of the planet. This hard truth is impossible for most people to accept because of the full spectrum weaponization of the entire environment. From television to cell phones to tablets to the internet to vaccines to the food and water to the pharmaceutical drugging to chemtrail spraying to the electromagnetic pollution from cellular and ELF/VLF towers, the entire environment has been converted into one, huge rat maze testing facility.


    The masculinized feminist carries her Soviet hammer to destroy the “tyrannical” patriarchy.

    A “web” is used by a vicious predator known as a spider. The spider spins his web and links all his environment into a vast array of patterns and connections that all serve one purpose: to entrap prey and parasitically feed off of them. That is precisely the goal of the internet itself. It is amazing to see how gullible the mass public is in regard to the reception and acceptance of the Internet as if it were just deployed for everyone’s benefit and enjoyment. Far from being the blessing big brother government has sold it to be, the Internet is the key weapon system of hardcore psychological warfare experts intent on converting the world to a cashless slave grid.  Since the public has no conception of “evil” as real, being a mass herd of relativists, they cannot conceive of a caste of hardcore bankers and military strategists that have nothing but pure hatred for them and long to see them dead.

    In fact, it was recently revealed that in 1984 Apple ran an ad at the 1984 Superbowl that pictured the public as the mindless proles of Orwell’s 1984. Der Spiegel reports that new NSA revelations about training slides include images from the 1984 Apple ad that portrays the football-watching public as zombie proles. The ad is a huge middle finger joke, but also reveals something deeper: the very esoteric analyses I do are vindicated. Although readers are very much on board with the overall presentation and argumentation on my site, I still get a lot of resistance from the so-called intelligentsia and acquaintances. For many, the analyses here are “fringe,” “out there,” “crazy,” etc. Yet here is a mainstream news article illustrating the very thing I do – esoteric analysis. The ad aired in 1984 on purpose, and referenced 1984 on purpose. Apple knew exactly what they were doing, and the NSA knows exactly what it’s doing using this ad. This was an intentional form of psychological warfare to prepare the public for the future – the very future enslavement that humans would be conned into building.

    And what I told you is now revealed: the big telecoms are the real NSA. The “NSA” is a cutout that receives the heat as a “government agency,” while the mega telecoms continue on, unaffected. The ad is all the more ridiculous, as it presents an absurd feminist message of a female track runner who destroys the patriarchal big brother, Max Headroom looking image. So a masculinized feminine nature will destroy the evil patriarchy of masculine control? What a joke – a symbolic message utterly divorced from reality.  The new world order’s promotion of communism and feminism are key military strategies in destroying the  remnants of western, so-called “culture” that are left. They have nothing to do with freedom. The woman throws a hammer at the image, smashing big brother which hearkens to communism.  As if a MacIntosh computer + communism/feminism are going to equal liberation. Thus, the whole ad is an inside joke, and the NSA’s use of it further demonstrates that fact.

    Comment added a year after the original article was published:

    This past week, the world’s vultures, the economic power elite, met in Davos to discuss the maintenance of their global fiat hegemony. Highlights included furthering austerity, noting that the serf class can’t have air conditioning and cars, as well as cheering on the death of privacy through the rise of technocracy. The degenerate elite, completely out of touch with humanity, resembles the controllers in the Lucas classic, THX 1138, building their own prison destined to entrap their own progeny. Degenerate elite always end up being their own worst enemy because pride detaches man from reality, which can only be perceived in the truth. Pride causes man to adopt a delusory sense of the world and his own relation to it, thereby bringing about a praxis divorced from the rules of nature, logic and classical wisdom.  Banking man, homo economicus, with his foaming at the mouth rapaciousness, will find his own descendants trapped in the virtual A.I. prison grid he has built.

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