The Sweet Sweet Pull of Unwanted Gravity…

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Feeling a bit aerie fairy lately?

Feeling a bit like: Shiiit, I went real cosmic there, say for almost 4 weeks and now 3D reality kicked in…. What happened?

Had my karma, dharma, downloading new software, high frequency charged master cleansing going on, so nothing should predictably go wrong here…Was about to enter the Ashtar-Command big effing spaceship for the few chosen ones, but they suddenly decided I wasn’t worthy… and sure didn’t want my kids on the cosmic-matrix-shooting for the Nebula – whatever constellation.

Ain’t that a bitch.

No it ain’t. It´s very cool.

It’s all about being here. Head in 5D maybe, I might rephrase that to: The clouds, and feet – u know those walking devices you’ll see if you look down – on the ground please. Of course your cosmic babbling got interrupted because that’s why you are here.
You know: Incarnation and shit.

If you weren’t supposed to be here: you wouldn’t.

Or maybe that equation is simply too hard to handle. If you think so, dang!
We just discovered your Dharma: to sort that equation out…

It’s very hard to approach spiritual excuses or explanations for a bit of a “too much” spiritual sugarcoating very distorted behavior. Because people don’t like to get that myth punctured. The myth of them being on the wrong planet on the wrong time in the wrong country with the wrong partner and the wrong friends or whatever.

  • The fact that you are bitching about these circumstances in your life could maybe reveal: You’re not orbiting cosmos after all, or you wouldn’t complain. See?

    Still subscribing to the: I create my own life and its circumstances?

    Okay: Have a contradiction here?


    I mean I have seen grown women profoundly infantile covering that up with being in touch with their inner child.

    I mean I have seen grown men with a backbone soft as a sloppy noodle afraid to take a decision in order not to produce negative karma.

    Lotta folks are very spiritually afraid. And that’s exactly what a Sticky-New-Age-Cliché-Matrix will do. Transform ordinary problems into cosmic ones and the misunderstood airhead is ready for the rising – the elevation – aborting the planet in strange patterns, fleeing every mundane challenge with the:
    Cosmic Excuse to calm the self-percepted elitist mind-game-shit stir up.

    C´mon. Get effing real.

    We all have a lotta shit in our burden basket, that UFO`s or 46 Teddy bears in the bed won’t solve. 3D – 3D – 3D!

    It’s really difficult if you engage in this and try to make people comprehend, that they would need to touch down in earthly reality to solve their earthly problems. Maybe solve them from a spiritual higher perspective, yes: Most beneficial.

    But solving not fleeing could be the key… think?

    Maybe it’s not worth it, maybe one shouldn’t.

    Being far from perfect, I must admit that if I see a person is about to be run over by a bus I like to give them a holler.

    Now I find myself gazing at people standing, while elevating into the Ashtar-matrix, cuddling their pinky teddy bear and going: I´m too cosmic for this place.


    Want to sober a bit up, join in the sweet pull of gravity and go for nut cracking in the Matrix.

    It´s such a joy.

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