The Seeding of Humanity

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Chris Bourne
Openhand Foundation

Okay, so perhaps time to go deeper. We’re not half human and half ‘alien’ – we have some DNA that is alien to this planet – 223 genes to be precise.

The modern day ‘father’ of the Human Genome project is Dr. Francis Crick who together with his partner James Watson, won the Nobel Prize when they accurately deciphered the structure of the DNA molecule. But what has since been hushed up by ‘official science, are some of the stated conclusions that Francis Crick subsequently made. He shocked the scientific world back in 1953 when in one of his books he said this…

”In today’s global economy an ‘official science’ which denies the analytical study of spiritual phenomena, as a legitimate context for understanding human reality, has been created over time. The ‘science’ which is legitimated by institutions that are closely linked to this global economy, tends to seek to analyze only certain aspects of ‘materiality’.

Prioritised subjects by this ‘official science’ are limited to areas which complement the agenda of constituencies of individuals who seek to manipulate the ‘recognized’ body of human knowledge for power and control. That scientific prioritisation context, has notably sought to exclude extraterrestrial relationships to humanity, in order to keep humanity ignorant of its apparent potential ‘locked’ heritage within its own DNA.

Dr Francis Crick

More recently, renowned scientists around the world are quietly investigating this extra terrestrial “exo science” and having to do it ‘off-the-radar-screen’ of official channels which (it is clear) are purposely trying to suppress the work.

In the Human Genome project, it has been shown that at least 223 human genes have no counterpart here on earth – which greatly calls into question the progressive evolving ‘natural selection’ theory for mankind. We are the only species here having these genes.

Why is it that ancient native, cultures all around the world, from the Americas to Africa and Australia speak of advanced ETs ‘seeding’ humanity on earth? How is it that such apparently primitive peoples had in-depth accurate knowledge of constellations such as Sirius – which cannot be seen with the naked eye – several thousand years ago?

It is in my knowing that originally, a group of spiritually and technologically advanced ETs seeded humanity with the apparently ‘benevolent intent’ of mankind becoming ‘custodians’ of Mother Earth and working to live in balance with her. That’s why so many of the original tribal cultures such as the North American Indians, The Mayans, The African Dogon, The Tibetans and the Australian Aborigines all lived largely in harmony with the earth and at balance with nature.

The proof is there. Official Science can trace the time when Humans first appeared on earth 200,000 years ago. It can do this through the female ‘mitochondrial DNA’ which traces us ALL back to the original “Eve” ancestor.

Our DNA is passed on through what are known as “Chromosomes” , which are really like the branches of a tree each holding collections of genes. All humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes (46 in total). In each pair, one chromosome is inherited from our mother and the other our father.

Now this number 46 is crucial to the ET story. Our genetics are about 97% equivalent to that of a Chimpanzee, great Ape or “Hominoid”, which were the naturally evolving pre-human lineage on earth. The difficulty official science has always had in relation to the natural evolution theory for mankind, is that Hominoids all have 48 Chromosomes. Why is it then that we are supposedly more evolved, yet we only have 46?

When Official Science delved deeper, it realised that the reason we have two less, is because the second and third chromosomes have been fused into one. It tries to explain this by saying such a mutation could happen naturally and points to other evidence in nature such as butterflies. Indeed such spontaneous mutation can happen, but what they’re not saying (and quietly brushing under the carpet), is that although this ‘mutation’ offers no natural evolutionary advantage whatsoever, it appears in EVERY SINGLE HUMAN!

How could that be? This fusing of the chromosomes is not what makes us human, and it does not offer any ‘natural’ evolutionary advantage (I’ll return to this in a moment). Yet we all have the mutation? If we supposedly evolved from Hominoids (like Neanderthal) and this mutation offers no advantage, then you’d expect to see some humans with 48 chromosomes and some with 46, but not ALL with 46!

But when you delve deeper into the chromosome story it gets even more curious. Each chromosome has three parts to it: both ends and a middle. Now in eight of the other human chromosomes, there has been an inversion of the middle part – it’s been ‘spun around’. Again, these inversions offer no natural evolutionary advantage – they don’t change the genetic material – yet ALL eight supposed ‘mutations’ appear in ALL humans.

Now you don’t need to be a mathematician to know, that the odds for all nine mutations to happen spontaneously, where no natural evolutionary advantage was gained, and for that to happen to both the original human male and female, at exactly the same time, and in exactly the same place, and for them to breed and produce the entire human offspring is so unlikely, the odds are literally zillions to one!

So why then are there these so called nine ‘mutations’? I believe it’s quite simple. If you were an advanced race intending to seed humanity on earth, yes you’d take a majority of the genetics from the most suitable species – from Hominoids. If you wanted them to be bright, smart and cosmically connected, you’d feed in some of your own DNA. But then the last thing you’d want, is interbreeding between human and hominoid – that would dilute the new evolution and risk turning it backwards. These nine changes that were made, meant that if interbreeding did happen (and the fossil records show that in places it did), then there is a vastly increased likelihood of pre-birth miscarriages happening. The nine changes they’d introduced, ensured the new human species remained human.

I believe in the times immediately ahead of us, it will be shown beyond doubt that the seeding of Humanity was anything but natural!

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