The Hearing Sensitive and the Quantum Enveloping of Words 

Quantum SoundwavesJulian Wash, Contributor
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Greetings humans. Today I wish to return to your consciousness a special quality you were born with. Perhaps it’s more correct to say it’s a gift you’ve had since before leaving the womb, a gift so wonderful and so powerful, yet inexplicably, you may have dismissed it -or far worse, completely forgotten about it.

Before verbal phrases and expressions are “taught” to us, the human inclination is to try and extrapolate meaning out of those cumbersome creations called words. Consider for a moment this scenario; A new mother speaks to her infant son or daughter and wonders what they’re thinking or whether they understand. A “knowing” mother (as most mothers are) may sense that the baby does indeed understand -obviously not because the baby is well versed in the spoken language but because she knows the baby can “feel” what she is saying.

Yes, infants, as well as all humans at various life stages, keenly respond to the quality of voice, to tone and inflection -but what I’m about to suggest goes much beyond that. Incredibly, the knowing mother might even sense the baby’s desire to speak to her in his/her own language.  Let this be an inkling to the bigger picture. This is not something Mom will ultimately go along with however. Nope- you’re gonna have to learn OUR language, Jr. …So get use to it.

  • Second Slap on the Butt

    Babies have it tough in this world. We all know about that first slap- which thankfully now is primarily just a metaphor rather than a bona fide medical procedure. But the real slap comes when we begin to interface with other humans through words and sentences and soon realize just how awkward this modality is. But if we fail to establish this communication link, we simply cannot function in society. Failure is not an option.

    Tone, Inflection and Projection (TIP)

    Few will argue the importance of these tools used in conversation. They add color and character to our sentences and convey much information. Clearly, if we want to make a point, we have ways of emphasizing our speech so as to alert the listener that “I mean business” or “Hey, listen up!” And although these tools are quite useful in a normal context and within the arena of general conversation -to the “hearing sensitive” they can be like nails on a chalkboard.

    I use the term “hearing sensitive” as a catch-all expression for those that can hear at a level beyond what most others remember how to do. This does not mean they have super-hearing in the sense that they can hear, let’s say, a watch ticking in another room. Instead, the hearing sensitive can hear the “primary” or real message embedded within the words an individual is trying to convey. These “sensitives” can pick up on very subtle nuances and extrapolate data that goes well beyond the dictionary meaning of the presented word. Additionally, the hearing sensitive is all too aware that ‘TIP’s are often just filter devices or smoke screens that people use to obscure true meaning, to look bigger in some way, or to persuade you into seeing things their way– as if they know better. There are many other such examples, but we’ll leave it there for now.

    Does any of this surprise you? Let me show you a bit more how it works. The hearing sensitive knows that if you need to emphasize your point to any major degree via TIP then perhaps the speaker is having trouble articulating a thought correctly or may indeed be trying to get you to resonate along with them- which is not necessarily a bad thing.  But it’s the position of a hearing sensitive that if a human has difficulty communicating with objectivity and clarity, then he or she will resort to using “tools” to accomplish what they set out to do.

    Regardless of the tone, inflection or body language for that matter, when we speak we are telling the outside world a great deal more than what we may realize. The sensitive will “hear” how you really feel and what you really think. If, for instance, a salesperson is giving you a list of reasons why you should buy that car now- the sensitive may hear a different urgency in the voice. He or she may hear “buy this car -blah -blah (I really need the money because I’m a single Mom and times are tough) or (just one more car and I get my name on a plaque for this month). This is not a purely psychic transmission of thought -well not exactly anyway. But before I let the proverbial cat out of the bag, consider this example; a sensitive human knows a sincere “I love you” from a phony one -even when the phony one comes with a smile, chocolate and roses. How is this so?

    The Quantum Transmission of Words 

    So “hears” the low down. If you subscribe, as I do, that the human body is enveloped in an energetic field or an “aura”, then ask yourself how a word could possibly pass from a speakers lips through this surrounding field without being somehow influenced or altered in some manner. It’s my contention that it cannot– in fact, as the words pass through this field, they become encapsulated in energetic “envelopes” that I loosely refer to as quantum enveloping. These envelopes tell a much broader story than the word contained within them. The word message inside the envelope is very rudimentary by comparison.

    Okay, well that’s it. But that’s pretty big -don’t you think? A hearing sensitive will pick up on the “fuzzy little fundamentals” encapsulating each word which (in itself) is a type of fractal of the greater aura signature which radiates a humans entire essence- so this can be quite extensive indeed. A true sensitive can pick up early health problems for instance, or a major event in one’s life, a difficult childhood, etc., often things that the speaker is not even aware of.  All your life experiences sparkle within that toroidal energetic field we call an aura- and so sorry, but you cannot speak without passing through it.

    You Are Your words 

    Yep- that’s it in a nutshell.  Doesn’t matter “how” you say it, “why” you say it, “what” you say and so forth. I’m here to simply remind you that you ARE the words you use- and that the real meaning is embedded in a collapsed waveform of expression, masked by the so-called meaning of the word and ultimately enveloped by a fractal of your very essence.

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