The Great Letting Go

Patrick James Hennesey, Contributor
Waking Times

We’ve finally come to a major cross-road, the fork in the road where we have to choose the pathway forward. There is no going back.

As normalcy and consensus reality break down, the way forward is unknown. Yet two paths at the fork are becoming clear. If we succumb to fear and doubt we will go down a path leading to mistrust, violence, and chaos.  If we embrace the higher vibrations of love and inner peace, the path leads to cooperation, trust and freedom.

What path will you take? What vibration will you hold and share? What world will you choose to step into?

  • As many are coming to know, our thoughts and beliefs – conscious and unconscious – create our reality. We also attract what is a vibrational match. So what do you want to resonate with and attract into your life, especially during these times?

    Do you believe that dark controlling outside forces such as the Illuminati, the deep state . . . etc. will imprison you in an Orwellian control grid? Or do you believe the people of the world, including you, are waking up to their own divinity and sovereign right to determine their own life path?

    Are you a victim of circumstance or a sovereign being responsible for creating your own life?

    The Universe is aligning now to bring about big changes. It’s forcing us to make big choices.  Astrologers have known and long predicted that 2020 was going to be a time of big shake ups for worldwide wake ups.

    To learn more about the powerful planetary alignments that are bringing big change and opportunities for huge evolution right now, click here.

    Many of us worldwide have put our faith in the promise that scientific materialism will liberate and fulfill us through material progress and consumerism.

    Now as factories and offices close we are all being sent home to stay in our rooms, cut off from our many endless distractions and busy routines, except the endless stream of “news” being fed to us through our computer and TV screens.

    Ancient Chinese wisdom says that the flip side of crisis is opportunity. What opportunities can we find and embrace in this “crisis”?

    Perhaps it’s time to get off your computer and go put your feet and hands on the earth? Feel the potent dirt and the life growing and blooming from the dark cold roots incubating below. As factories grind to a halt the earth continues to renew life as it has for centuries.

    Breath the air, which is likely more fresh, and give thanks for the breath of life itself, or as the Hawaiians call it Aloha – the  “breath of life”. Touch and feel into that deeper reality.

    Despite all that we are told is going on, how does it feel to be alive in this moment? Does life feel like a gift or a curse? Are your thoughts creating a nightmare or a dream of beauty? What are you focusing on?

    Then go check on a neighbor, maybe even one you don’t yet know. Ask them how they are and what you can do for them. Invite them to step outside. Maybe share some food and listen to what they have to share. How does that feel? Is it true that “it is in the giving that we receive”?

    Let’s embrace the opportunities and blessings in this “crisis”.

    With the distractions and busyness of the world outside us falling away, we have the opportunity to go within and find the peace that is always available to us beneath all the noisy thoughts, distractions and fears. It is our inner sanctuary. It has been said that “the Kingdom of Heaven within”. Isn’t now a great time to find it?

    Spiritual teachers throughout time have encouraged us to look within and not get lost in the transient outer world, an outer world of illusion – a holographic projection of our dreams and nightmares.

    So many of us have been so busy do, do, doing that we’ve piled up a lot of do do. Many of us have been restlessly seeking Heaven outside of ourselves. And what have we found in this constant running and seeking? How much of it can be washed away by something as small as microscopic virus?

    As we go through the fire and heat of this worldwide pandemic of illness and fear, let’s know that it takes heat to transform iron into steel. As we sit in the fire may we pray that it burns away our impurities, leaving only the truth intact.

    As our hearts grow lighter and our eyes open up to the light of truth we have the opportunity to ascend beyond the limitations of the past. We live in powerful and transformative times. Now is the time to focus our thoughts, intentions and prayers on the world we want to step into.

    On Saturday, April 4th, many believe an astrological portal of transition will open. At 10:45pm (EST) on April 4th you are invited to join a worldwide meditation to liberate and reclaim our world.

    Together we can choose the way forward. Learn more about the mediation. Blessings to you and yours in this time of opportunity.

    About the Author

    Patrick James Hennessey is a LovEvolutionary and the Chief Orchestrator at the Sacred Mountain Waters Wellness Sanctuary in the Blue Ridge Mountains north of Asheville, NC.

    Artwork: “The Great Awakening” – painted by Stephanie Lynn Toler

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