The German Bankers who Helped Spain Conquer the Americas and Poison the Poor

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From the late 1400’s to the early 1600’s, a German banking family influenced world events and quietly ruled over an extremely influential role in history. The Fuggers of Augsburg were among Europe’s leading merchant-bankers as they were called, combining financial services with long distance trade.All kinds of offices and agencies related to money, loans brokered with Tyrolean and Hungarian copper and silver in return for loans provided to the rulers of mining areas, popped up in cities such as Venice, Lisbon, Seville, and Antwerp.

  • These institutions built by the Fuggers provided loans to some of the most influential entities in the world at the time.

    They provided banking and credit services to the Hapsburg emperors, popes, European princes and nobility, and more. The main man of the dynasty was Jakob Fugger “the Rich.” At the time he was the wealthiest person in the world, according to the account of history we are told.

    The Fugger financial institutions established sporadic ties with India and other regions that were less explored, including the “New World” as they called it. They basically went wherever they could and brokered loans to people who they would gain power over, and this laid the foundation for the banking scheme that would eventually rule the world: what we live in today, wage slavery, the grocery store paradigm, whatever you want to call it.

    But what does it mean, that these Fugger financial offices established sporadic ties to the “New World?” Well, the “New World” started to be “explored,’ in other words torn to pieces and ruthlessly conquered by the Spanish and other forces, around the same time that the Fuggers began expanding these services.

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    Spain established close ties to the Fuggers. The money that would enable Spain to conquer the Americas must have included the contributions from Jakob Fugger and his family. This connection seems to be studiously avoided in mainstream accounts of history.

    Spanish prisoners and certain people were forced to work in the mercury mines of Almadén, and due to a deal with the Fuggers, the Spanish monarchy reaped financial benefits from forcing prisoners to mine mercury. In exchange for these German bankers providing loans to the Spanish crown, the Fuggers of Augsburg were given the power to administrate the mercury mines.

    The intrinsic value of mercury back then was reportedly its use in extracting other metals from gold and silver ore. Mercury was needed to purify gold and silver through amalgamation.

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    According to a past article:

    In 1566, the German bankers (the Fuggers) failed to meet production quotas in the mercury mines. In response, 30 prisoners were sent by the King of Spain to labor away at Almadén. In 1583, this number increased to 40. The prisoners, known as “forzados,” were selected from a group of convicts waiting for transport to the galleys from the jail of Toledo. Although the king insisted living conditions at the mines were fine, between 1566 and 1593, 24% of all convicts died before their release dates.

    A slow, excruciatingly painful death that came with an Alzheimer’s-type insanity was handed down to these prisoners, a result of the mercury poisoning. The prisoners experienced severe pains in the body, loss of sanity, trembling limbs, depression, anxiety and worse. Almost all of the men at the even more dangerous furnaces died of the poisoning.

    Slaves imported from Northern Africa were also subject to poisoning at the mines, and by 1613, the slaves joined the forzados at a two to one ratio.”

    Still, the people in positions of power were well aware that it caused people health problems, and for almost two thousand years now at least, people in power have been trying to poison civilians with mercury.

    Even further back, all roads lead to Rome because the Romans made use of their mercury mines, turning them into “penal institutions for criminals, slaves, and other undesirables,” according to an academic page at

    The official narrative is that Roman slaves and “undesirables” (probably included anyone critical of the Roman regime) were forced to work in the mines, because it was very likely they would become poisoned enough to die, and spare the need for an execution.

    Today, we’re still being poisoned with mercury. It is in vaccines like the Sanofi flu shot and countless others (it is still there) and the mercury amalgam dental fillings, falsely referred to as “silver” fillings, that an untold number of people had for the past century and a half or so.

    The effects of mercury exposure reverberate for decades, passing illness onto the offspring of poisoned people, because it can be passed down through prenatal exposure and it’s extremely, extremely difficult to chelate and remove from the body.

    These fillings are usually 50% mercury, and 50% other metals. If your parents had them, you probably suffered from prenatal exposure to mercury and it could be responsible for health problems you don’t even know about.

    If you had these fillings, you could have been poisoned if they weren’t taken out properly, and just the saliva in your mouth slowly poisoned you over the course of the time you had them.

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    Henry Schein is the dental corporation that makes most of the world’s mercury amalgam fillings, and their ex-Board of Directors member Margaret Hamburg is a person who clearly represents what is going on in this world.

    She was FDA commissioner after being on the board of Henry Schein, refusing to regulate mercury amalgam dental fillings, until she resigned after a racketeering scandal with her husband’s hedge fund and pharma corporation Johnson & Johnson.

    Her father and mother were both leaders in the American Eugenics Society, which has since been renamed several times, once the “Society for the Study of Social Biology,” and now “Society for Biodemography and Social Biology.”

    From Jakob Fugger the Rich lending money to the Spanish crown so they can brutally conquer the native people of the Americas, while his family facilitates the poisoning of slaves and prisoners with mercury, to the modern day wealthy power players who make millions from people being poisoned with mercury, people are going to have to read between the lines here.

    Mercury is one of the most toxic substances on Earth, to the point where it can be weaponized. It is known to cause depression, anxiety, neurological disorders, thoughts of suicide, chronic illness, fatigue and a litany of other health problems. It takes a person “down a notch,” mentally due to endocrine and hormone disruption and physically.

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    The conclusions drawn here are not exaggerated or blown out of proportion.

    If people want to be strong, they must consider it important to focus on the people who poison us with mercury today, and a lot of things similar to this scenario.

    What common interest do characters like this throughout history have? Why does everything around us happen to be toxic? We’re all on the feeding trough susceptible to whatever they give us in this grocery store paradigm, forged in a vision centuries ago by bankers.

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