The Generous You: Do You Belong to Generation G?

Giving is All We Have
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The Generation of Generousity. They’re taking up one of what I consider to be the coolest challenge in the world: raising the vibration of our planet to a next level of consciousness. Do you belong to generation G? 

Raising vibratory levels? What?

We all know by know that our world is made up from vibrations. Materialising frequencies, so to speak. Raising consciousness is about raising those vibrations to the highest level possible.  Now, that might sound a little abstract, does it? In fact, it is really down to earth. Let’s take some examples.

Those butterflies when you are in love? You’re experiencing heightened frequency levels. That joy listening to your favourite piece of music? Again, it is your body that transforms a higher frequency. A moment of compassion? High frequencies. And the list goes on…

Now the idea is to collectively create a state of permanent high frequency on our little planet.

Do you belong to Generation G?

Generation G basically are those who show the courage to live from their hearts. Words like giving, generousity & positivity are key in describing their spirit. And here’s fun part. (Especially to those of you who are marketing-minded and expect highly specific criteria that neatly define targetable segments). Generousity isn’t confined to gender, age, race, lifestyle or whatever more. It resides in all of us.

  • So if you want to know whether you belong to Generation G honestly try to answer the following question:

    –           Are you human?*

    Unlock the Generous You

    Did you answer the previous question with yes? Great!  Now, please consider joining us in raising our planet to the next level. Here are some practical tips that I found really helpful in developing my own consciousness:

    1.  Write down three things you are grateful for each day

    Writing down the stuff you’re thankful raises your own frequency level. You can actually feel it: say it out loud and feel what is happening within your body. Gratitude can help you find your own personal drives in life. Eventually, every action in your life will become a conscsious act of gratitude.  Oh, and don’t forget to thank yourself every now and then!

    2. Give away something you feel attached to

    Giving is the infinite expression of gratitude of what was given to you. Giving something away that would make another person happy has tremendous powers (check out more on this subject). Mad scientists have already proven it. Time to experience it for yourself!

    3. Postpone your judgement

    Judgement arises once you already have an opinion. But often these opinions are derived from a situation of unawareness, disbalance, cultivated ideas or stifling belief patterns. If you shape your opinions from that starting point, these opinions will become disbalanced as well.  Ever tried to kick a football when your were cripple?

    Try to create mental time & space to perceive things without interpretation. Become an unprejudiced observer of your own Self and your surroundings.

    Observe your emotions and thoughts in any situation. Observe our society, our way of doing things & how you lead your own life within it. Allow everything to be present, as they’re all waiting and willing to be understood.  Doing so, you’ll enable yourself to perceive what is in essence alien to your Self and what is inextricably part of it. It will definitely take some time & effort. But eventually, you will reach your centered Self, a point that will enable you to effortlessly live from the heart and be synchronised to the way our universe is unfolding.

    4. Have an embracing spirit

    Approach everything with unconditional love. Even embrace all of your pre-supposed enemies. Remember that you can only enlighten a dark room by turning on the light. Portray your dreams from the starting point of positivity; what I’ve experienced so far is that nobody wants to constructively contribute if I’d operate from frustration about our current way of doing things. Every event in life has its meaning and purpose (even seemingly negative events) which unfolds over time; embrace them.

    5. Check your motives

    Be aware of your own motives. Do they stem from your Ego or from the heart?  Just a quick check. Say you don’t like garbage lying around on the streets.  Now, imagine coming across a plastic bottle on the ground. Would you pick it up and put it in the garbage can? Or do you think: this is not my garbage, so I don’t have to pick it up?**  Whereas the first is a sign of living from the heart, the second is a sign of Ego (which is a mind thing).

    6. Forgive                            

    Living in a world full of distractions, don’t expect yourself to mr. or ms. Perfect all the time. Forgive yourself. Forgive others.

    All of the above helps you out in raising your own (and thus others’) consciousness. But you might have your own ideas on it. Follow your own heart.


    *   No, this is not a trick question. But not as easy to answer as it seems either 😉
    ** I’ve had the honour of meeting Peter Smith a couple of months ago and he once more proved that change couldn’t be closer! Please check out his inspiring iniative: Thanks, Peter.

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