The Future of Food (Video)

Gaia Health

Our food is being taken over. Genes and living things are being patented—the greatest theft of the commons in history. Industrialized food is unsustainable. Organic food cannot be industrialized. Don’t try to fool yourself. If you buy food labeled as organic, but have no idea where it comes from, then you’re eating ersatz organic.

Agribusiness doesn’t care about your health. They don’t care about providing choices or quality. They care only about profits. To this end, they’re buying and outright stealing every aspect of our food supply, from the land to the seeds to the genes themselves. As this documentary shows, in the end, we’ll have no choice but to eat whatever foodstuff some marketer decides is profitable this week. We have a choice: Go along and pretend that we’re coexisting with Monsanto and GMOs, like Whole Foods Market claims we must do and tries to cram down our throats—or we can resist now.

Watch this film on The Future of Food. You need to know, and you need to act on it. The future of food is up to you.

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