The Easy Way to Meditate for Health and Wealth

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A simple 10-minute-per-day meditation method to achieve your dreams

Are you interested in meditation but aren’t sure what to do or how to begin?

Since there are countless ways to meditate it can be frustrating to choose which path is best, especially for beginners. I don’t claim to be some guru who’s pushing a specific brand, but I’ve had great success with a simple technique that I thought I’d share with you.

First, people meditate for many different reasons. Some are just trying to clear their mind and find inner peace. Some are seeking enlightenment through discovering “nothingness”.  Some treat it as a prayer of sorts for bringing about changes in their lives. And others, like me, meditate for a combination of these reasons.

You’ll discover that specific techniques are better for specific goals. But I’m not going to waste time describing or debating all of the popular methods.  However, it’s important to point out that generally speaking deep prayer, Eastern meditation and self-hypnosis each accomplish the same thing physiologically. Each method brings about physical relaxation and a delta-wave state of mind that opens your subconscious mind to receive conscious messages, or suggestions.

  • Why Meditation Works

    Meditation works so well because the subconscious mind is estimated to be nine times stronger than the conscious mind. Therefore, when you implant a belief into your subconscious mind, it tends to take root. Without meditation, however, our conscious mind is powerless in forcing beliefs into the subconscious.

    For example, if you have an irrational fear of spiders, it’s very difficult to “cure” that fear merely by consciously acknowledging that it’s a silly fear. Yet, a hypnotist can cure that fear in minutes by replacing your negative subconscious belief associated with spiders with a more pleasant belief (suggestion) about them.

    Additionally, it may be difficult to believe, but thoughts are measurable wave forms that interact with the physical world and your thoughts will indeed manifest as your reality. Do you ever notice that what you constantly worry or complain about keeps happening to you?

    Just as words and their intention have proven to change the molecular structure of water, your thoughts change the physical structure around you.

    Here’s a brief video explaining this concept:

    This is powerful evidence that controlling your thoughts is vital to achieving health, wealth, happiness, love or anything else that you consciously desire. And you’ll see greater results by tapping your subconscious mind though meditation to push these thoughts out with more strength.

    My Easy Way to Meditate for Health and Wealth

    Given this understanding, I personally use meditation to fill my subconscious mind with positive suggestions and push them out into the world. Put more simply, I work on internal changes within myself in the expectation that they will manifest in the external world around me. And, after seven years of doing this, I’ve experienced unbelievable results.

    In addition to relaxation and general stress relief, two of my major goals for meditating are health and abundance. Although the focus of my meditations vary from time to time, these goals always remain constants along with peace and love.

    My method for achieving delta-wave relaxation is technically a self-hypnosis technique, but I use other meditation concepts once I’m in a relaxed state in order to achieve my conscious goals.  In all, there are four stages to my meditation: 1) the induction, 2) mantras, 3) expression of gratitude, and 4) envision my future.

    1. Induction: The induction is how you actually get into your “trance” state.  I’ve been trained in hypnosis, so that’s the technique I’m most comfortable with, but any popular meditation ritual will work. The important thing is once you discover a path that works for you to follow the same steps every time. All I have to do now to achieve delta state is to take a few deep breaths, count backward from five to zero and I’m there. But it wasn’t always that easy, so I’ll explain my self-hypnosis method more thoroughly.

    The first step is to close your eyes and relax, preferably in a comfortable sitting position (not laying down). Clear your thoughts and concentrate only on your breathing. There will be plenty of time for thoughts later. Count your deep breaths starting from 20 and working your way down. Imagine with each breath that you are descending down a staircase where total relaxation awaits at the bottom floor (zero).  Once you near the last few steps you’ll begin to feel your breathing naturally grow shallower.  This is a sign that you’re reaching delta relaxation.  Upon reaching zero, repeat to yourself, “deep asleep, deep asleep, deep relaxation” and find peace in that.

    That’s it.  Some people think something magical is supposed to happen, but if you feel relaxed, then you’re where you need to be. If you do the above and you still don’t feel relaxed, try to start over and with each breath imagine relaxing a specific part of your body when you exhale starting from your head down to your toes….

    2. Mantras: A mantra is a word or series of words meant to aid concentration in meditation. I use four mantra words that are meant to be productive as much as they’re meant to deepen my relaxation. The words I use are peace, love, health and abundance because those are the things I want to see in my life and in the world around me.  I use one full breath (in and out) to say each of these words silently to myself.  I let my my mind linger on each word; how it is spelled, what it means to me and the greater world around me, how examples of each of these concept feels, etc. I repeat the peace-love-health-abundance mantra a full five times (20 more concentrated breaths). On the breath in I internalize and absorb meaning of the word, and on the breath out I push the vibration of the word into the universe.

    3. Expression of Gratitude: Expressing gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to find inner peace and attract more of what you’re grateful for.  Religions find different ways to express gratitude: Christians say prayers of thanks before meals and Muslims pray five times a day.  Putting aside the dogma and prevailing image of Muslims, imagine if we all had a mechanism to focus on what we’re grateful for five times a day. My guess is we would all find much more happiness.

    I use this part of my meditation to build on my mantra concepts. I list the reasons and examples of peace, love, health and abundance that I’m grateful for. I allow myself to feel the joy and gratitude of the peace in my life and for those who live peaceful lives and promote peace around the world. I feel joy and gratitude for those I love, those who love me, and things and experiences I love. Finally, I express gratitude for my health and the health of those around me, and the great abundance in my life.  I take my time on each concept determined to uncover all the small details of what I’m grateful for.

    4. Envision my Future: If you don’t know what you want in life, you’re assured to never get it.  I use this part of my meditation to define exactly what I want my future to look like. By concentrating on specific amounts of income, specific health and personal goals, and specific experiences I want to have, I’m giving my subconscious and the universe a blueprint of what I expect to manifest in my life.

    It may seem far fetched that something as simple as “thinking” would make these things come true, but we can all agree that if you don’t think it, it will never manifest. Given that our “vibrations” resonate with similar vibes, our visions will attract what resonates with them. The books Think and Grow Rich and The Secret explain this concept in much more detail and eloquence than I ever could.

    To finish my session I’ll typically count up to five, starting from zero, and tell myself I’m getting more alert and awake with each count to pull myself out of the meditation.

    The entire process typically only takes me a total of 10 minutes and I do it at least 5 days a week.

    I hope this offers you ideas and a method for helping you to meditate effectively. Please tell the readers some of your tricks and techniques, or ask me any questions in the comments below.

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