The Definition of ‘Beyond Organic’

Sally O’Boyle
Waking Times 

When you first hear the term “beyond organic” coined by Joel Salatin, you know immediately what it means. Personally, I was thrilled. Yeah, THRILLED. ‘Cause it sorta means bye bye USDA-sanctioned organics, hello free market.

You see, when farmers can stop doing all the paperwork and testing that the beyond criminal USDA requires, those farmers can then put all that money and energy and time and care into actually growing nutritious food. What a concept!

If you’ve watched food and farm-based documentaries and YouTube videos, you’ve heard farmers say that USDA requirements — and not just those for organic, but all of them — are so burdensome and expensive, they’ve either put those farmers out of business or are in the process of doing so. They’ve landed some farmers in jail. Yeah. It begs the question, “What’s the master plan here?”

Then there’s the EPA which is actually stealing farmland and businesses via zoning:

Beyond intrigued, I searched the web for a definition and found this:

Beyond Organic

Beyond Organic standards go beyond traditional organic standards…to elevate them to a level of awareness and knowledge based on true health and wellness. There are ten criteria that must be met in order to maintain the Beyond Organic standard:

  • Greenfed
  • Pesticide/Herbicide/Fungicide/Chemical Fertilizer-Free Grazing
  • Chemical Medicine Free – No Antibiotics, No Hormones, No Vaccines
  • Kind Treatment of Animals/Animal Friendly
  • Sustainable Land and Soil Management
  • Non-GMO
  • Olde World Production Methods
  • Fair Made
  • Biblically-Based Processing Methods
  • Quality and Safety for Finished Products

Uh, gosh, these standards are WAY higher than the USDA’s standards. Not to mention simpler. Imagine that. Seems like opting for Beyond Organics might be the wiser choice. Could you be tricked by a dishonest farmer? Yeah, but that’s always been true. IMHO, you’re probably better off taking the non-USDA option. Because the irrefutable fact about the agencies “protecting” our health is this:

Since we’ve had a USDA and an FDA, we are fatter and sicker than we’ve ever been. — Sally Oh,

Sharp as a tack, that Sally Oh, eh? But, honestly, putting this two and two together was not rocket science. The evidence is all around you!

Although, if the DOE keeps plugging away on its current master plan, simple math will soon be considered rocket science. Because the irrefutable fact about the DOE is that, since we’ve had one, we’ve gotten dumber and dumber.

DISCLAIMER: Lambasting the beyond-criminal USDA or EPA or FDA is not the same as lambasting ALL of the employees. There are people at these agencies who mean to do good. But, wake up, do-gooders! You are involved in unconstitutional and criminal behavior promulgated by the higher ups in your organization solely for profit. Not your profit, not ours, but theirs and the corporations who own them.

Ok, ok, it’s your paycheck and all, but that paycheck comes with a high price. Namely, the poisoning of yourselves, your families and your fellow citizens. Pull your head out of the sand and resolve to live in your car like the rest of us who can no longer afford to pay your salaries.

Which reminds me: forget those pensions. There is no money for ‘em and you will be the last to know.

Sally O’Boyle is a liberty activist and editor of where this article first appeared.

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