The 5 Most Essential Christian Apps

Contrary to popular opinion, being a good Christian person is remarkably easier in the 21st century in some ways. When has it ever been possible to reaffirm your faith in Christ at any time from the convenience of your fingerprints? Mobile Christian apps have been setting the Google Play Store ablaze with their ease of use and utility. By holding true to your Christian faith and using modern tech to focus on God, Christian developers have put an emphasis on helping others and keeping you more devoted. 5 Apps stand alone for Christians and we want you to strengthen your love of God through them.

#1 Christian Mingle

Has it ever been easier to satisfy the desire of Christ and your parents? Christian Mingle is an app that helps those who haven’t found someone, find someone who shares your values as a religious person. The non-denominational app will guide you through the dating process until you meet someone who genuinely loves you and Jesus.

#2 The Chosen

Do you want to see the life of Jesus from the perspective of his disciples? See Jesus from the eyes of those who knew him best, in this impossibly binge-worthy spiritual television series. While it’s a moralistic program for Christians, made by the Christian community, it happens to be the most expensive crowdfunded project in history ($28.7 million and counting). Perhaps that’s why the quality of this epic is of the same caliber as anything Hollywood is making these days and the app provides everything a Chosen fan would need including the series itself.

#3 Abide

Hand over your anxiety to Jesus with this fun and calming app. Abide and you will fall asleep to very helpful guided meditations built around the Bible and your faith. While it is incumbent upon every Christian to work on their mental health, like everyone else, many people don’t associate Christianity with meditation. Abide will guide good Christians through a healing process that covers people through the difficulties in their life while reaffirming their faith in God. 

#4 Pure Flix

For those of you who are fed up with Hollywood’s values and prefer good Christian family entertainment, Pure Flix is for you. Other streaming services don’t compare. Pure Flix is a streaming app that will work on all major devices, but will also elevate your family’s spiritual health. Watch Christian and family-oriented entertainment here with your family. Turn your television set into an entertaining guide rather than a silo of bad values.

#5 Prayer Mate

Most Christian people pray, but Prayer Mate will actually strengthen your devotion with God by being your prayer partner. It’s a reminder app for those of us with busy schedules and a tight connection with JC. With Prayer Mate, you organize your prayer schedule and who you’re praying for. It keeps track of your prayer requests and even lets you subscribe to online prayer diaries from your own church. Never again forget to pray or who to pray for ever again.

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