Tao Teaching: Your Cosmic Connection and Spiritual Contract

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‘The sun will always set whether you watch it or not’

This is a wonderful spiritual teaching that I received from my wise Taoist Master in China on the ‘Tao’ or ‘Way’ of the Cosmos and its fundamental relationship and interaction with all our lives.

The teaching serves as a reminder that if you choose to disconnect from the flow of love and energy all around you, perhaps because of fear or distrust, the Cosmos will never judge or punish you, nor will it withhold its abundance and blessings from you. It simply keeps on flowing and giving even if you (consciously or subconsciously) choose to reject or close yourself off from all it has to offer.

Sometimes your misguided and harmful Ego mind may try to convince you that this is not the way of the Cosmos. Any negative thinking and self-talk such as ‘I’m not worthy…’, ‘I’m a bad person…’ ‘Life/the Universe  is against me…’, ‘I’m a victim…’ , ‘I’m being made to pay/suffer’… etc. will only disengage you even more from the ever-present, positive and nurturing energetic flow of Qi or spiritual energy available to you.

Just as the sun sets without fail, all the while the Cosmos lovingly and peacefully goes about its business. It patiently waits for you to readjust any extreme Ego thoughts you may have so that you can return to a more balanced and neutral Wu Wei mindset. When you do this you reactivate what I refer to as your ‘Spiritual Contract’ with the Cosmos.

  • This Spiritual Contract is your birthright. From the point at which you energetically manifested into human-form at birth, your contract remains your connection back to your spiritual Source. It’s a reminder of the place of divine energy and love that you came from and the same divine energy and love you are today. This contract can serve as your spiritual compass and steadfast guide through good times and bad, and it’s also your connection to the abundance the Universe has to offer.

    An essential part of your Spiritual Contract with the Cosmos is your free-will as an adult to take responsibility for managing and balancing your human-centred thoughts, words and actions. The Cosmos will always support you if you want it to, but you alone must take personal responsibility for navigating your unique life journey so that you may reach your true spiritual potential and fulfillment.

    It’s your choice whether or not you align yourself with the Way of the Cosmos and receive or reject the flow of love and abundance. The Taoist Masters call this harmonising and balancing of your spiritual connection: ‘Supreme Success’. They teach that when this is achieved the ‘Cosmic Helpers’ and blessings will flood into your life. The modern interpretation of this teaching on the flow of cosmic energy would be ‘The Law of Attraction’.

    If you choose to rebalance and reconnect to the Cosmos, it has no interest in any past misunderstandings or indiscretions and it cannot judge you ‘worthy’ or ‘unworthy’. Such matters only have the value and importance that your human centred Ego mind places on them.  My Taoist Master taught me that the past should be viewed as a ‘walking dead person’ – this profound analogy reflects the spiritual truth that we only ever have this present moment and so we should always seek to live in the here and now.

    Remember, you are a beautiful and divine child and spirit of the Cosmos. You will only learn spiritual lessons on your unique human journey by making ‘mistakes’ and then learning the Universal lessons from those misunderstandings. The Taoist principle ofOneness teaches that this same process of learning and enlightenment applies to everyone. This means no one is exempt from making mistakes, no one is superior or inferior, no one is special – we are all the same, yet all fabulously unique!

    Of course your human centred Ego mind loves to view your spiritual journey and Cosmic connection in a totally different way. It mistrusts and doubts the unknown and unseen flow of Universal energy or Qi all around you. Your Ego’s ultimate fear is of being emotionally exposed or hurt so it will always strive and manipulate in order to protect itself from being vulnerable, confronted, found out, or embarrassed. It craves security and gratification from a narrower physical and material world: one that is more immediate, tangible, predictable and controllable. In doing so your Ego steers you further from your Spiritual Contract and truth as it diverts you onto its misguided journey of seeking perfection, approval, praise and superiority.

    So the eternal human challenge (and one which keeps me very busy in my work as a spiritual therapist and coach!) is about finding what the Taoist’s refer to as Wu Wei. This is your unique ‘sweet spot’ of harmony between your human and cosmic energies. Finding this point of inner and outer balance in your life allows you to survive and thrive in human form within the collective Ego of society today, whilst remaining fully connected with the Cosmos and your spiritual truth, so that ultimately you may create your unique spiritual experience here on earth.

    Next time your Ego’s self-talk starts criticising and nagging at you to achieve perfection… or complaining that situations are not moving quickly enough… or even that you’re not ‘enough’… pause, breathe deep, and reconnect to the beautiful sunset of your inner truth. This is the Tao nature of you and all things that can NEVER be destroyed or withheld from you. When your Ego shouts loudest this is absolutely the time to take-control, calm and rebalance your thinking, reaffirm your connection with your Spiritual Contract, and then open yourself up to receive the helpers and blessings the Cosmos has waiting for you.

    The sun sets whether you’re watching or not… but why not pause and reflect on its magnificence with the understanding that you came from the very same place and are on the same magical Cosmic journey of transformation!

    About the Author

    David James Lees is a spirituality and wellness author, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner, counsellor, hypnotherapist, NLP Master, and a Member of the British Acupuncture Council. David has a lifelong interest in Taoism, Taoist philosophy and Qigong, and was first taught meditation by Chinese Tibetan Buddhist monks when he was 16 years old, which helped him tackle a profound stutter. After qualifying as a TCM practitioner in the UK, David trained for a number of years as a Qigong instructor with Doctor Shen in London and Master Wan Su Jain in Beijing, and was later ordained as a Taoist Master in the sacred Wudang Mountains in China. Today, David is a trusted advisor and broadcaster on emotional health issues and alternative therapies in the UK. You can follow David on his blog: www.WuWeiWisdom.comFacebookTwitterPinterest and Soundcloud.  For the latest information on David’s therapies, classes, workshops and special events visit Peak House Practice.

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