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Iboga, the Matrix, and Pineal Gland Decalcification

Dylan Charles, Staff Waking Times The pineal gland has been at the core of spiritual traditions dating back thousands of years, spanning all inhabited continents. Prominently carved onto Buddhist statues, ceremoniously painted onto tribal faces, and deceptively displayed in the Vatican square, the pineal gland, known as the Third Eye, or Seat of the Soul,

Astrology and the Four Horsemen of Revelations

Jennifer Asad, Contributor Waking Times The story of the four horsemen is found in the Revelation of John, which scholars believe was written in 95 AD. They did not carbon date it. It is given this date because the author alludes to a numbers of kings who had come and gone. It was more likely

How to Spot an Environmentalist

Z, Contributing Writer Waking Times  Step one: Look in the mirror. As long as you’re not a zombie, a slave, a sucker, or a sadomasochist, you’re an environmentalist. Step two: Ask yourself if you like breathing clean air. If the answer is yes, you’re an environmentalist. If the answer is no, you’re either a zombie

Zombie Bees Today – Are Zombie People Next?

Anne Gordon, RN Waking Times Sounds like a science fiction horror story, but it is what is happening. Today, I heard about Zombie Bees being found now in Washington State, and a new swarm sighted in British Columbia. What? It is thought these bees are infected with a parasitic fly causing them to erratically fly

That Voodoo That You Do: Music, Trance and Slavery

Vodou possession is not the hokey demon-possession of zombie movies; it’s a state of union with the divine achieved through drumming, dancing and singing. It’s becoming “filled with the Holy Ghost” in the Pentecostal Christian tradition, reaching Buddhist nirvana, or attaining the yogi’s Samadhi.

5 Reasons the Zombie Apocalypse is the Prevailing Metaphor for Our Times

A Zombie is an animated corpse. A walking, un-dead lunatic. A former person, now devoid of the qualities we all know as explicitly human, such as compassion, logic, love, awareness, self-preservation and so on. The Zombie is soulless animated human cadaver inhabited only by some of our lowest capacities and cravings. A Zombie drools and spits, mindlessly walking into peril with absolute disregard.

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