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All Life Depends on Soil

Dr. Vandana Shiva – Bringing the soil to the center of our consciousness and our planning is vital for the life of the soil, but also for the future of our society.

Psychopaths in Charge – Maybe They’re Not Human

Julian Wash, Contributor Waking Times Dear Humans, Today I would like to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that condones violence under certain circumstances. To this end, we find ourselves going along with the most egregious of things, not least of which is war. Here we find not only a consensus

Cocaine: The New Face of Deforestation in Central America

Mrinalini Erkenswick Watsa, Mongabay Waking Times In 2006, Mexico intensified its security strategy, forming an inhospitable environment for drug trafficking organizations (also known as DTOs) within the nation. The drug cartels responded by creating new trade routes along the border of Guatemala and Honduras. Soon shipments of cocaine from South America began to flow through

4 Things the ‘Powers-That-Be’ Don’t Want You to Know About Anarchy

Gary ‘Z’ McGee, Staff Writer Waking Times “None are more enslaved than those who believe they are free.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe There are few subjects as controversial and taboo as the concept of anarchy. It mostly leaves a bad taste in people’s mouth due in no small part to years of psychological conditioning,

Can Yoga for Kids Reduce Violence?

Kimaya Singh, Guest Waking Times With the recent spate of mass shootings, people have begun to ask what it will take to reduce violence, especially among kids or in places where they spend time. We know that violence does not just occur in random places sparked by uncertain things. It also takes place daily in

When Children Misbehave

Anthony Sammeroff, Contributor Waking Times “What should I do when my children misbehave?” a client asks during a communication coaching session. If we agree that the use of force, threats and punishments are not favourable approaches because they damage the relationship between parent and child, and that bribing children will only turn them into sneaky

Trained for Violence: How Video Games Affect the Brain

Christina Sarich, Staff Writer Waking Times The brain is a very adaptable organ. It has the cognitive ability to adapt to stress, whether real or imagined, but do violent video games and movies actually help us to adapt to a sadistic world, or help to create one? Gamers and researchers have been on both sides of this

Happiness, Entertainment Media and the Sub-Conscious Mind

Lewis Herridge, Contributor Waking Times Recently, I returned from Uganda after leading a 2 week trip with a group of teenagers. They were a great bunch and we got a chance to really integrate ourselves into the Ugandan culture, our highlight being a 4 day home-stay in a rural, remote Ugandan Village. At the end

Is Violence in the Media a Reflection of Our Own Social Anxieties?

Salvatore Folisi, AlterNet Waking Times What inner psychological need is met through our mass obsession with crime and prosecution? The following is an excerpt from Eros Over Logos: A Revolt of the Instinctual Mind Amidst the Madness of Modern Life by Salvatore Folisi. I am repeatedly struck by our country’s incredible capacity for criminalization and incarceration, our

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