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HPV Vaccines and Their Devastating Legacies

Catherine J. Frompovich – Well, if there ever were a vaccine that should scare the living daylights out of everyone, it is the HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine.

Gandhi’s Anti-Vaccine Views Ring True A Century Later

Sayer Ji – Almost one century ago, Gandhi published a book where he deconstructed the dangers and lack of effectiveness of vaccines and the agendas surrounding them. His voice rings true now more than ever…

Mysterious Illness Plaguing Girls Who Received HPV Vaccine

Dave Mihalovic, Prevent Disease Waking Times There is now substantial evidence that the HPV vaccine is debilitating girls and young women all over the world. The latest comes from northern Colombia, where a mysterious illness is plaguing girls and the HPV vaccine is to blame. First their hands and feet feel cold. Then they go

3 Vaccines That Should Be Banned And Never Administered To Any Child

Dave Mihalovic, Prevent Disease Waking Times Before following the advice of your medical doctor on immunization (which is not synonymous with vaccination), you may want to reconsider giving any vaccines to your child until you have completed sufficient research on the risks, side effects and actual causes of the diseases you are vaccinating against. The following

Back-to-School Vaccines: Know the Risks and Failures

Barbara Loe Fisher, Mercola Waking Times As summer comes to an end, the drumbeat promoting back-to-school vaccinations grows louder and louder in America. Unlike children in Canada and the European Union,1, 2 our children must get dozens of doses of vaccines or they can’t get a public school education.3 No Shots, No School, No Exceptions Over the

CDC’s Vaccine Safety Research is Exposed as Flawed and Falsified

Dave Mihalovic, Prevent Disease Waking Times More prominent evidence continues to arise on the falsification of peer-review studies, ghostwriting pharmaceutical studies by academics; especially related to vaccines, thimerosal and autism. The close coupling of commerce and academia is largely to blame, but what is clear is that the scientific enterprise is no longer built on

When It Comes To Vaccine Promotion and Safety, Always Follow The Money To Discover The Source

Dave Mihalovic, Prevent Disease Waking Times The “National Launch” of Invisible Threat – a film promoting the world’s most aggressive vaccine program – will be screened in the nation’s capital today. The screening will be hosted by Every Child By Two (ECBT), which has received millions of dollars from five of the largest pharmaceutical companies. Even high

Should Parents Be Allowed to Decide About Vaccines?

Dr. Mercola Waking Times USA Today1 recently ran an editorial under the headline, “Vaccine opt-outs put public health at risk” and called for elimination of personal belief exemptions in state public health laws, including those that require children to get dozens of doses of up to 15 vaccines in order to attend daycare and school. “When

42% of Drug Reactions Are Vaccine Related, Groundbreaking Chinese Study Finds

Sayer Ji, Founder, GreenMedInfo Waking Times A groundbreaking new drug safety study published in the open access journal PLoS and titled, “Adverse Drug Reactions of Spontaneous Reports in Shanghai Pediatric Population,” has revealed for the first that that 42.5% of all reported adverse drug reactions occurring in 2009 in a Chinese pediatric population (Shanghai, pop of 17

The Influenza Deception

Brandon Turbeville, Guest Waking Times With the latest round of hysteria regarding the prevalence of the annual flu season and the “need” for the flu vaccine in full swing, one unaccustomed to reading the details of government statistics and the arguments for or against vaccination might justifiably be terrorized into running to their local vaccine

A Mother’s Decision: The First Shot, Hepatitis B

Dr. Kelly Brogan, M.D., GreenMedInfo Waking Times The day has come and your little bundle is here. The wonder of it is overwhelming: this human grew out of two cells, inside you, and despite those last couple of days feeling like a year each, all of this happened in 9 months, without your doing much

There is No Such Thing as a Safe Vaccine and There Never Will Be

Paul Fassa, Natural Society Waking Times Making vaccines safe by removing their toxins (greening), or telling people they have a right to look at vaccine ingredients before deciding whether to vaccinate or not may be the politically correct form of vaccination resistance. It does help avoid some of the wrath from vaccination high priests. However, the very nature

What Is The Deadliest Of All Vaccines According To The Data?

Dave Mihalovic, Prevent Disease Waking Times The standard DTP or DPT (diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough) and tetanus) vaccine is acknowledged to be the deadliest of all vaccines, causing more disability, illness and the highest risks, even exceeding MMR (measles, mumps and rubella). The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services set up the National Vaccine

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