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Gardasil Firestorm in Denmark

Norma Erickson – In Denmark, the HPV vaccine Gardasil is being linked to serious medical issues that affect approximately 5,000 women who were vaccinated with it.

Let’s Defeat Mandatory Vaccines

Melissa Dykes – California’s mandatory vaccine bill has just passed the health committee and is currently on its way to the full assembly for the final vote.

What’s in a Vaccine?

Infographic – Do childhood vaccine programs yield the modern scourges of hyperactivity, learning disabilities, autism, appetite disorders, and impulsive violence?

There is no Anti-Vaccination Movement

Levi Quackenboss – There is no such thing as the anti-vaccination movement. People who exempt their children from vaccination don’t have a “common goal.” They only care about their own.

The 5 Phases of Awakening To The Dangers of Vaccination

Dave Mihalovic, Prevent Disease Waking Times Unless you don’t have an opinion at all on vaccines, you likely fall into one of the five phases of awareness and awakening. Most of the population at some point has been exposed to one of these modes of thought regarding vaccination programs. Some people will remain at one

Proof That Big Pharma Doesn’t Care About Vaccine Harm

Heidi Stevenson, Gaia-Health Waking Times Big Pharma’s corruption goes back decades. Wyeth’s attempt in 1979 to find a way to make it difficult or impossible to track batches of vaccine when something goes wrong—like when children die—clarifies that there’s nothing new about their willingness to cover up the massive harms done by their products, even when

Inventor of Rotavirus Vaccine Wants To End Parental Exemptions For School Vaccinations

Dave Mihalovic, Prevent Disease Waking Times Public health officials are routinely failing to inform the public of their right to refuse vaccines in both school and work settings. Greater powers are at work to make mandatory vaccination policies which will allow officials to conduct childhood vaccinations without any parental consent at all. The inventor of

Gut Flora Accounts for Up to 80% of Immunity, Not Vaccinations

Paul Fassa, Natural Society Waking Times It’s important for parents to at least consider the potential dangers and lack of necessity of vaccinations. Now some pediatricians are withholding treatment for children whose parents’ have rejected all or some vaccinations – this simply isn’t right. But it’s important not to cave in to those pressures, and

The Dangers of Vaccinations

Erin Schumacher, Guest Writer Waking Times Many people are of the opinion that vaccinations are one of modern medicine’s greatest achievements, preventing suffering and saving lives! But did you know that no reliable safety study has ever been performed on any vaccine and evidence suggests that they are both ineffective and harmful? Viera Scheibner, Ph.D., a

Recent Evidence Shows Vaccinated Kids Account For 90 Percent of Cases of Whooping Cough

Dave Mihalovic, Prevent Disease Waking Times Vaccinated populations contract some of the highest rates of disease and more evidence on whooping cough is coming forward to support this claim. Whooping cough, or pertussis, is spreading across the entire US at rates at least twice as high as those recorded in 2011 and epidemiologists and health

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