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Tylenol Just Once A Month Raises A Child’s Asthma Risk 540%

Sarah Couture Pope, GreenMedInfo Waking Times The vast majority of babies are given Tylenol (acetaminophen) within the first six months of life. It is the go to medicine for modern parents whenever discomfort or fever strikes even very young children and its use is frequently encouraged by many pediatricians. Now, a major study of over 20,000 children

The Dangers of Tylenol: Is it Time to for the FDA to Remove it From the Market?

Dr. Michael Murray, GreenMedInfo Waking Times Introduction Most people consider acetaminophen (e.g., Tylenol) as being an extremely safe pain reliever for both children and adults. The reality is that it can be extremely dangerous and causes significant side effects. Each year acetaminophen causes over 100,000 calls to poison control centers; 50,000 emergency room visits, 26,000 hospitalizations,

A Fever Is A Good Thing, Don’t Suppress It

Marco Torres, Prevent Disease Waking Times A low fever can actually benefit a sick child, and researchers have attributed parental tendencies to over-treat by “fever phobia”–a fear that fever is harmful–which they say originated after the introduction of anti-fever drugs like Tylenol. In addressing this important concern of parents, it’s vital to understand that a

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