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Chemical Clothing: Which Hidden Toxins are You Wearing?

Paul Fassa, Natural Society Waking Times After all the trouble you go through to avoid chemically sprayed foods and toxins in tap and bottled water, now you hear that what you’re wearing may actually be helping to make you sick. But could this really be true? Are clothes toxic? Toxic chemicals are used excessively for processing

So Why Are We Still Drinking Fluoride, Again?

Anthony Gucciardi, Natural Society Waking Times We know that over 20 studies, many of which come from prestigious organizations like Harvard and are published in federal government journals, have told us how sodium fluoride is crushing our IQ. We know that a major head at the National Cancer Institute revealed decades ago that fluoride was causing ‘cancer

A Day in The Life: Our Toxic Lives

The Transition of Consciousness Waking Times  This article may be quite challenging for you. I am going to take you through a day in the life of what may quite possibly be your own life. I can’t help but think that many of us just never think about the toxins that we come into contact

Many ‘Green’ Products are Actually Deceptive and Toxic

Elizabeth Renter, Natural Society Waking Times Marketing is a clever science. Millions, if not billions, are spent by companies looking to better pitch their products to the masses. Today, we see more green products and “all natural” labels than ever before. While these are more common on food, they are being found on everything from your

Say No to Thimerosal, Say No to the Flu Vaccine

Dr. Mark Sircus, Green Med Info Waking Times Saying no to vaccines in the face of the gale wind of propaganda and governmentally supported vaccine campaigns is high treason punishable to the point of having your kids taken away if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. True medicine cries

Is Your Cosmetic White Dental Filling A Toxic Fluoride Bombshell?

Lester Sawicki, Guest Writer Waking Times Urgent News For Supporters Of Anti-Fluoridation: Your Dentist Could Be Hiding A Fluoride Releasing “Dirty Bomb” Under Your Filling! What Now? What you are about to read might be the most important article that could bust wide open hidden truths about fluoride under your tooth colored resin bonded composite

Aspartame-Cancer Link Exposed: Increasing Your Cancer Risk

Elizabeth Renter, Natural Society Waking Times There have been several studies over the years that established a link between aspartame consumption and cancer risk. But, these studies were frequently criticized as being too small, only capturing a short period of time, and otherwise not living up to strict scientific standards. A new study, however, addresses these concerns

MSG Hidden in Variety of Foods and Contributing To Illness

Grocery Geek Waking Times  Despite common perception, the toxic food additive MSG is everywhere – not just in Chinese food! This taste enhancer is actually hidden under dozens of ingredient names in all sorts of processed foods, restaurant foods, beverages, chewing gums, vitamins and supplements. It is added to foods in higher dosages than ever before, and more and more people are experiencing

Why Is Autism So Drastically on the Rise? An Environmental Horror Story

Statistics released earlier this spring by the Centers for Disease Control revealed that one in 88 U.S. born toddlers has an autism spectral disorder—from the less severe Asperger’s Syndrome to the so-called classical form of the ailment. Worse, it’s not just a North American phenomenon; Belli also reports a 57 percent spike in Asia and Europe.