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The 3 Lies That Block The Flow of Love

David James Lees – Love is your natural state of being. Love is the energy that is all around you. It is the vibration and essence of every part of the Cosmos and every living thing.

The Five Animals of Tai Chi, Hsing-I, and Bagua

Hal Mosher, Guest Waking Times Animals are an integral part of our lives as they serve as reminders of our deep connection to nature. The animal mind has not been tainted by societal conventions, and more importantly neither has its instincts. In martial arts practice, we try to cultivate the sense of ourselves we had

8 Branches of the Tao Healing Arts

Jeff Nagel, MA, LAc, Guest Waking Times According to the ancient “Keepers of the Knowledge” from the Taoist Tradition, the evolutionary roots of Chinese Wholistic Medicine came into being at least 8,000 years ago through the first two of the 8 Branches of the Tao Healing Arts. Over the centuries the other 6 branches evolved

The Way of the Tao

Paul Cavel, Contributor Waking Times Taoists Have Trained In Nature throughout the Ages Human beings, with all our complexity and potential, have diversified, populated and thrived around the globe. Since the breakthroughs of the Industrial Revolution, we have spent 200 years becoming specialists in manipulating our environment and making radical changes to the way in

The Power of Three

David James Lees, Guest Writer Waking Times In my last Wu Wei Wisdom workshop at Peak House Practice I shared with my students the concept of the ‘power of three’, which is the most fundamental Taoist teaching I received from my Master in China and which is as relevant today in the West as it was in

Taoism and Lucid Dreaming

You-Sheng Li, Guest Writer Waking Times When I was a child, my father was a family physician. Occasionally he talked about dreams with his patients or neighbouring peasants. Having overheard their chat, I joined in one day, saying, “I dreamed of walking on the street but I was aware that I was dreaming. So I was

Taoism and Anarchy

Mark Gillespie, Strike the Root Waking Times  I have studied many religions in my search for truth. In my searches, I embraced a few. I was a nominal Christian for many years and converted to Islam about six years ago. Of course, I have left all of those religions behind, in my never-ending quest for

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