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Identified: Viral SOS Letter Writer From Chinese Forced Labor Camp Speaks Out

Joe Wright, Guest Waking Times The story of a letter embedded in a package of Kmart Halloween decorations received by Oregonian Julie Keith immediately went ultra-viral as it detailed an excruciating cry for help from a prisoner of a Chinese forced labor camp. The letter brought to the forefront a part of the American economy

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The Holidays Are Coming… Time to Stock Up On Slave Made Goods From China?

Anna Hunt, Staff Writer Waking Times Last June, a story in the New York Times revealed just what type of working conditions are creating piles of inexpensive toys, decorations, electronics and other random household products made by the Chinese and sold throughout the world. There is seemingly an unending worldwide demand for cheap plastic trinkets, and

Victims of Fashion

Chris Bourne, Openhand Contributor Waking Times Ending sweat shop exploitation Some of you might have been horrified by the recent sweat shop factory collapse in Bangladesh which claimed the lives of more than 1100 people. I wonder if that had happened in the west, what a furore would have taken place in response? That’s almost

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