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Why We Can’t Cure Cancers

Tracy Kolenchuk, Guest Waking Times When do you think we will find a cure for cancer? Five years? Ten years? More? In 1971, Richard Nixon declared a ‘war on cancer’, over 40 years ago. Since then we’ve spent over 100 billion dollars or more searching for a cure. I recently saw this question on Quora:

Potential Long Term Dangers of LASIK Surgery

Dr. Ben Kim, Guest Waking Times Research out of Otago and Oxford Universities in New Zealand indicates that having LASIK surgery can lead to permanent problems with vision over the long term. More specifically, it appears that having laser surgery for near-sightedness (myopia) may lead to excessive glare, haze, and blurred vision as people enter

Will Hypnosis Lead the Revolution in Healthcare?

Troy Robins C.Ht, Guest Writer Waking Times  Today hypnotists are treating cancer and other chronic illnesses with unprecedented degrees of success. Hypnosis is on track to become the mainstream treatment for chronic illness and many other illnesses that have an origin in the mind. The trouble hypnosis has historically had is that you can’t see