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Sound, Matter and the Woven Universe

V. Susan Ferguson – Sound must be considered when contemplating the manner in which subtle energies are transformed into matter that is differentiated and perceivable to the five senses.

Symptoms – The Subtle Language Of The Body

Glen Dupree, DVM, CVH, Guest Waking Times Our world is full of subtleties that are often overlooked in the rush of modern life. Oftentimes we see what is most evident and believe that to be all there is – we miss the web of more subtle events and objects that accompany the obvious but are hidden

Pyramid Power

Julian Websdale, Contributor Waking Times The most celebrated pyramids are those at Giza, built during the fourth dynasty, of which the largest is the one that housed the pharaoh Khufu, better known as Cheops. This is now called the Great Pyramid. Some years ago it was visited by a French hardware store owner and author

The Harvesting of Souls & the Sanskrit Texts

V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor Waking Times Are we indeed living in the end of a Cycle of Time, facing a day of reckoning in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga, a PRALAYA meaning ‘Dissolution’ in Sanskrit. The acceptance of this possibility leads to the fear-loaded question of the Harvesting of Souls. The archaic phrase ‘harvesting

The Power of Subtlety

Deb Buck, Guest Waking Times Have you ever noticed how the power of burning a smudge stick can change the course of one day?  How deep breathing can guide a different response in the time of trauma? How remembering to sing a song when your sad or to drink a cup of Dandelion Root tea

Healing With Subtle Energy

Dr. Linda Lancaster, Reality Sandwich Waking Times  In the rising awareness of consciousness, we realize that there exists an invisible world within the visible. Before changes are registered in the physical body, healing takes place on these subtle realms. For this reason, as healers, it is essential that we concern ourselves not only with the

Protecting Your Home With Subtle Energy

Beth Quist, Guest Writer Waking Times  You can use subtle energy (Qi/Life Force Energy) to help protect your home. You can also direct subtle energy to help create an atmosphere of love, peace, and stability in your home. To purge your home of negative energy, you will need some sage, mugwort, or some other dried

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