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Shamanism and Spirituality

Konstantin Eriksen, Guest Writer Waking Times Man is a spiritual creature, always searching for meaning. But for many people in the so-called “western world,” there is a feeling of disenchantment with the world as it is: Wake up, do your job, get a mortgage, buy a house, pay your taxes and eagerly await the weekend. Perhaps you’re

A Global Shamanic Perspective

Peter Clark, Guest Writer Waking Times So what is the current state of the world and how can shamanism relate to it? We are on a wild ride perhaps, with many twists and turns. On the one hand, we see our human created structures: financial, religious, political, health care, business, shaking and at times crumbling

The Modern Shaman: Awakening From the Slumber of Our Culture

Hank Wesselman, Guest Writer Waking Times In the Western world, when we hear the word “shaman,” most of us tend to conjure up an image of a masked and costumed indigenous tribal person, dancing around a fire in the dark, involved in some sort of mysterious ritual, accompanied by singing and drum beats. But inside

Soul Retrieval: Singing Your Soul Home Again

Beth Beurkens, MA, Guest Writer Waking Times We are the sum of our ancestors Our roots stretch back to blue-green algae They stretch to the stars They ultimately reach the void This history is inscribed in our psyches Silence and solitude enjoin us to remember Our whole and great body. – Joan Halifax Shamans have

How to Detox Your Pineal Gland – Fluoride, Mercury, & Consciousness

Waking Times  Is there a natural herb or treatment to detox from fluoride, mercury, and pineal gland calcification? The first intentional addition of fluoride in drinking water occurred in the early 1930′s in Nazi Germany. Marketing it as supposed helping children’s teeth, the actual sodium fluoride was to sterilize humans and force the masses into

La Pequeña Muerte – Plant Medicine Healing with Ayahuasca

Waking Times La Pequeña Muerte is a short, beautiful film by Republic of Light Productions about the healing journey that 2 North Americans took to the Peruvian Amazon to find cures for physical and emotional ailments that were seemingly un-treatable by Western medicine. It has been said that many illnesses are purely psychosomatic, that is,

Ayahuasca and Alternate Dimensions of Reality

Carlos Tanner, Contributing Writer Waking Times A dimension is a range of electromagnetic frequencies that is defined by one’s biological capacity to perceive them.  The visible spectrum of light is an example of an aspect of a dimension of reality.  Anything above the visible spectrum, like ultraviolet, for instance, would exist in another dimension, because

Carlos Castaneda: What is Fake?

Francesco Sammarco, Life Arts Media Waking Times Castaneda, Don Juan, Tibetan Master Norbu, Parmenides, Liars, Infinity and Ayahuasca Tibetan Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, world authority on Dzogchen Buddhism, about 3 decades ago, in the early 80′s, reportedly said – during a retreat in the very first community that he founded in Italy (Arcidoss, Tuscany) in