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From Slave to Shaman 

Julian Rose – How many times have you felt like a hapless onlooker in a world seemingly gone insane?

Gemstones & Menhirs for Adjusting the Auric Field

Christina Sarich, Staff Writer Waking Times Humankind once was tuned to their own vibrations to such an extent that they needed little help adjusting when things were a little ‘off.’ Our cure came from within. We would sit in silence and know that something was bubbling up that we needed to clear, or that somehow our

Death and Dying from a Shamanic Perspective

Jan Engels-Smith, Guest Waking Times  “Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by its breathtaking moments.” -Michael Vance In shamanism, the belief that there is no death is a concept grounded in the belief of the soul existing in a never-ending process of regeneration. Our soul remembers our ancient past, engages with

The Spirit of Shamanism Brings Harmony and Magic into Everyday Life

Keith Varnum, Guest Waking Times  Shamanism is a very practical spirituality. A modern-day shaman could live next door to you and the only clues you might have are that they get along well with people and animals and have a green thumb with plants. Also, shamans have a knack for putting people at ease and

The Secrets of Siberian Shamanism

Michael Howard, New Dawn Waking Times Today, especially in New Age circles, the term ‘shamanism’ is often used in a generalised way to describe all kinds of indigenous magical practices in a wide range of cultures worldwide. It has also been projected back into a past that it never had, so we can find modern

What Is A Shaman? A Visionary, A Doctor Of The Soul, And A Bridge To Spirit

The Shaman’s Well Waking Times Shamanism has been practiced for millenia in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Research by Michael Harner and others has shown great similarity in the practices and traditions between them all. In this post we’ll give a little history on shamanism and then outline some different points of what

Our World: Shamans and Spirits

Michael Harner, Guest Writer Waking Times The following is excerpted from Cave and Cosmos: Shamanic Encounters with Another Reality, published by North Atlantic Books, featured at Reality Sandwich. Close your eyes, then you will find the way. –from a Puyallup Indian myth Based on archaeological and comparative ethnological evidence, shamanism is believed by many scholars to be at least

Ayahuasqueros and Frightened, Stolen Souls

Steve Beyer, Guest Writer Waking Times  Amazonian mestizos believe that it is possible to lose one’s soul, or part of one’s soul, through more or less natural processes; indeed, soul loss through susto, fright, is a relatively common childhood condition. The sickness category of susto is undoubtedly derived from traditional Hispanic medicine; indigenous Amazonian shamanic traditions of soul loss appear

Lucid Dreaming – Listening to the Dreamer

Steve Beyer, Guest Writer Waking Times A lucid dream is one in which the dreamer is aware of being in a dream state while the dream is still in progress. Lucid dreams can be extremely vivid and realistic, depending on the level of self-awareness during the dream. Most strikingly, lucid dreamers report being able to actively participate

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