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How the Brain Creates Ghosts

Buck Rogers – Are ghosts merely creations of the brain, or do some people have more developed perception than others?

5 Ways to Cultivate Enlightenment

Barbara-Lynn Freed, Contributor Waking Times 1. The Benefits of Personal Responsibility Accepting responsibility for your life can be profoundly transformational, as it enables you to live consciously and be in charge of everything that happens to you. The keys to this enlightened way of life are through self-examination with a commitment to change. When you

Nominalization and Self-Hypnosis

Konstantin Eriksen, Guest Waking Times Nominalizaton and self-hypnosis are linked. Nominalization is to take a process and to turn it into a static thing by giving it a name. Self-hypnosis is to place yourself in a reality of your own making, using your own mind-software and the mind-software you got from others. As I’m going

Singing the Song of Love

James C. Wilhelm, Contributor Waking Times The sun had risen above the horizon billions of times before anyone took meaningful notice of it. Then, after billions of unnoticed sun cycles, a being witnessed the dawn of a new day and wondered. Though its eyes had seen this glowing object rise into the sky many times

3 Quick Steps to Mindfulness

Peter O’Donoghue, Guest Waking Times The mind is a tool to be used and directed according to one’s wishes. An out of control mind, one that has become your master instead of your servant, is both an incredible waste of energy as well as being a potentially damaging and limiting influence on your life. A

Infinite Self – Reclaiming Your Inner Power

Stuart Wilde, Contributing Writer Waking Times Twenty-five thousand people were attracted to my spiritual teacher over the few years that he taught, and at each level of progress, the teachings and disciplines got harder and harder. After a period of about three years, almost everyone had dropped out; near the end, there were only 72 people