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Non-Duality and the Meaning of Religion

Hans Meijer – The challenge is to dive deep into your mind and to become aware of those aspects of your life where your self interest is contrary to the spiritual laws which sustain life.

Sound, Matter and the Woven Universe

V. Susan Ferguson – Sound must be considered when contemplating the manner in which subtle energies are transformed into matter that is differentiated and perceivable to the five senses.

Plasma Physics, the Electric Universe & the Ancient Texts

V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor Waking Times “Plasma is the most abundant material in your galaxy, and therefore a desirable energy source. Pyramids contained a Pleiadian technology presently unknown to you, which accessed the Solar Winds for power. The pyramids were strategically placed around the planet and used as collectors to gather the plasma. The Ekur

Inter-Locking Waveforms & the Five Sense World

V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor Waking Times “The only way to traverse the vast distances of space is to possess the means of manipulating or altering the very structure of space itself — altering the space-time geometric matrix, which to us provides the illusion of form and distance. The method of achieving this lies in the

Our Progenitors, The ‘Pitaram’ Orbit the Moon

V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor Waking Times In Sanskrit the Pitaram, our ancient progenitors — those ‘forefather’ colonizing beings, who came to this planet and took part in the creation and hybridization of the human races — are described by the Seer Rishi Dîrgatamas, who composed the following verse in the ancient Sanskrit text, the Rig

The ‘Gods’ as Packets of Light-Energy

V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor Waking Times The ancient Sanskrit text, the Rig Veda is said to be the one source of all other sacred Sanskrit texts. The Rig Veda was transmitted orally for thousands of centuries. Indian scholars say that from ancient days through modern times all the efforts to lift the veil of mystery

Paleo-Sanskrit Subtitles Adorn the Murals of Lascaux Cave

Alex Putney, Guest Waking Times Lascaux Cave, in southern France, comprises a series of linked subterranean galleries with several large, colorful murals painted by highly skilled Paleolithic artists over 18,000 years ago. The cave entrance was discovered and cleared in 1940 to reveal exquisite galleries in an extraordinary state of preservation. Decay due to moisture and

The Meaning of Peace in the Bhagavad Gita

V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor Waking Times The superb Sanskrit text, The Bhagavad Gita, is an amazing guide and in my view the ultimate ‘user’s manual’ for the human adventure. This ancient text is a dialogue between two mighty warrior heroes: Krishna and Arjuna. Krishna represents the God within us all, who is always waiting patiently

The Purpose of Life

V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor Waking Times “It is in the finest reach of man’s consciousness that God abides or reveals himself most fully.” –K.K. Nair/Krishna Chaitanya The above sentence, written by the brilliant and renowned Indian scholar K.K. Nair/Krishna Chaitanya, expresses to me the most profoundly beautiful of thoughts. For after all is said and

Free Will in the Ancient Sanskrit Texts

V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor Waking Times The question of Free Will has challenged the best minds throughout human history. In the ancient Sanskrit texts Free Will is an enigma, a veiled mystery bewildering to most westerners. The Bhagavad Gita is the brilliant essence of the earlier texts, and even directly quotes various Upanishads. The final

The Ideal Language

Zakaria Bziker, Morocco World News Waking Times Is there an ideal language? Descartes would say ‘yes’ if one follows his line of thinking. His argument for God’s existence is the presence of the perfect-being idea in our mind; it follows that a perfect or ideal language must also exist or else it would not exist

A War in the Heavens: In the Far Reaches of Outer & Inner Space

V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor Waking Times Is there a war going on out there in the far reaches of outer and therefore inner space, a War in the Heavens as many have alluded? If there is such a war, what would that mean to us here on planet Earth in terms of our belief systems,

The Ancient Disc of Life

V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor Waking Times In my view, 6000 years ago the peoples of India either were far more advanced than NASA and then somehow mysteriously forgot — or the Mahabharata is the history of and evidence for an off-world civilization that did colonize this planet. In 1988, Lana Corrine Cantrell, a brilliant mysterious,

The Mega-Rich: Strangled with 100’s of Nooses of Expectation

V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor Waking Times Did you ever wish you were one of the mega-rich? You know, those narcissistic vampire-squid sociopaths who are eviscerating western economies and cannibalizing our planet. Do you dream of becoming one of the billionaires, that infamous 1% that now owns everything, with their sprawling 40,000 sq. ft. houses hidden

Colony Earth and The Rig Veda – Ritual, Spiritual Wisdom and Evolution

V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor Waking Times Note: This is the second part of a II part series by V. Susan Ferguson. Please review part I, here.  I have taken the off-world position of reading the Sanskrit texts through the eyes of an ancient astronaut, and interpret them through the filter of the more current science

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