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Day Of Mourning Statement from Leonard Peltier

Leonard Peltier Waking Times Greetings my relatives friends and supporters, It is yet another year. It seems like a thousand years ago but only a year in time in reality from the last time I dictated one of these statement for the day of mourning so, again, I want to say as last time, that I

Not Resisting Resistance

Peter Russell, Spirit of Now Waking Times The building where I used to run a meditation group was on the same street as a fire station. One could almost guarantee that sometime during the meditation a fire engine would come rushing past, sirens wailing. Not surprisingly, people would afterwards complain. “How could I meditate with

How Can You Resist the Age of Drones?

Ken Butigan, Waging Nonviolence Contributor Waking Times On Monday President Obama nominated his counterterrorism chief, John O. Brennan, to head the Central Intelligence Agency. Though some civil liberties groups and other critics have raised questions about Brennan’s involvement in the CIA’s practice of torture during the Bush administration, relatively less has been said about his

Doomsday 2012: How the “End Times” was Engineered

Pao L. Chang, Guest Writer Waking Times The “End Times” prophecy is one of the most successful self-fulfilling prophecies because it has tricked millions of religious followers into believing that the end of the world is near. The people who believe that the world is going to end by the end of 2012 do not realize that

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