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I Tremble For My Country

Ida Lawrence – America is becoming a very painful place for those of us who are ‘white’. It has always been a very painful place for those who are not.

Sailing the Sea of Change

Ida Lawrence – Whether we’re activists, artists, writers, meditators, healers, laborers, or parents teaching our children true history and the meaning of love one another, we are the ones who can answer prayers.

Racism vs. Love, Compassion and Knowledge

Daniel Dowling – What we see as problems are actually brilliant and compassionate ways for us to recognize the imbalances that lead to hate and racism…

Ferguson Everywhere Now

Luke Nephew, Waging Nonviolence Guest Waking Times  Blood is dripping down our faces onto the stainless steel of the armored police van. The hot yellow light flickers against the angry eyes of six young black men. We are trembling in pain and rage. Our chests are heaving. We are still breathing. One man’s eyes stare into mine. “They

Words That Speak

Ida Lawrence, Contributor Waking Times “Any request from another – heard by you – should not be ignored; for it is coming from yourself!” ~ Neville Goddard Words that speak what is in the heart are filled with spirit and spirit is life. This is true… words have power. I’m sure you’ve noticed… this is

Impressions of Inferiority and the Divine Feminine

Ida Lawrence, Contributor Waking Times Darkness brought us alive. Deep, rich, restorative darkness; filled with infinite potentiality, fertility, beauty, information of the ages… the magnificent pattern of it All. Beloved darkness. And we turn our face away from the word ‘darkness’ and from the thought of darkness. The light is what we value, the light

A Spiritual Approach to Deprogramming Racism

Ida Lawrence, Contributor Waking Times Someone asked a question on a Facebook page as to the spiritual response to race issues: when you see people as spirit, with the body being the carrier of the spirit, you take note of the energy of the person and not their skin pigmentation or culture. This is true