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An Introduction to Qi and Qigong

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, YMAA Waking Times If you study the history of the human race, you will see that a large part of this history has been taken up with war, conquest, killing, and the struggle for power. We have tended to worship as heroes those who could conquer and rule other countries, and we

8 Branches of the Tao Healing Arts

Jeff Nagel, MA, LAc, Guest Waking Times According to the ancient “Keepers of the Knowledge” from the Taoist Tradition, the evolutionary roots of Chinese Wholistic Medicine came into being at least 8,000 years ago through the first two of the 8 Branches of the Tao Healing Arts. Over the centuries the other 6 branches evolved

The Health Benefits of Learning Tai Chi

Waking Times Each and every one of us can benefit from learning Tai Chi. This ancient Chinese art has been described as “meditation in motion” and is known to prevent and treat many health problems, as documented by several studies. Tai chi is a practice that focuses on movements originating from the torso. Why is

Qi Gong: Allowing the Universe to Heal You

Daniel Li Ox, Wandering Dao Qi Gong School Waking Times Laws of Nature and of the Universe to Heal The principles for health recovery or maintenance are easy; we simply have to realign our lifestyle with the Universal Laws and the Laws of Nature. No fight is required for healing, no need to conquer illnesses

Zen and the Art of Chinese Medicine

Steven Alpern, Guest Waking Times The scroll of Zen Buddhist monk Sengai (1750-1838) entitled Circle, Triangle, and Square is a concise symbolic expression of classical (Neijing style) Chinese medical thinking. While this brush painting may not be language in the conventional sense, it articulates Sengai’s intention with clarity and power. Practitioners raised and educated in

Qi Master Generates Plasma Flashes Around His Body

Alex Putney, Guest  Waking Times Ancient healing traditions from various parts of the world have been passed on from master to pupil in hidden temples, kept secret from destructive outer influences for thousands of years. Only a few of these lineages of sacred knowledge have survived to the present day. Adept practitioners of highly complex

Wu Wei is… Loving and Managing Your Ego

David James Lees, Guest Waking Times Note: This is the first of a series of 3 articles. Please read Part II here, and Part III here. The ‘Ego’ is a term first used in the West by the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud and has now entered mainstream personal-development parlance. Many new clients say to me things like, “I

Wu Wei is…. Expressing Your Creativity Every Day

David James Lees, Guest Waking Times The need for authentic creativity is vital. Ancient Taoists taught that creativity is the vehicle through which we may align and harmonise with the wider Universal vibration of Qi and spiritual energy. My Wu Wei teaching is this… The Way or Tao of the Universe is to create, transform and flow in an energy of

What Happens to Our Qi When We Eat Processed Foods?

Beth Quist, Guest Writer Waking Times What happens to our Qi if we eat a lot of processed foods?  Processed foods usually includes more preservatives, chemicals, fats, fillers, and sugars than other foods.  As a result, our body has to spend a lot of its energy and effort, not only to digest the food, but

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