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Meditating on the Purpose of Life

Chris Renzo, Contributor Waking Times Purpose is a moment to moment experience. The word purpose is synonymous with motive, cause, reason, and intention. Our life’s purpose has everything to do with how we choose to live. Yet like life, our purpose is ever changing. When we seek to understand our purpose we seek to understand our

Ancestral DNA – Healing Yourself, Healing the Collective

Julie Umpleby, Contributor Waking Times During a recent equinox celebration, I was urged to create a very specific meditation process that was focused on multidimensional healing, and particularly in re-connecting with and healing the ancestral patterns within us. In the process of structuring the meditative journey, I was drawn to look with fresh eyes at

Transformation – Our Deepest Purpose

Linda George, Contributor Waking Times  What, if not transformation, is our deepest purpose? -Rainer Maria Rilke One of the reasons we are here, perhaps the most meaningful reason, is to transform ourselves. But what does that really mean? To transform is to change the shape or character of……. according to my dictionary. I love this definition

The Soul’s Purpose

Chris Bourne, Openhand Contributor Waking Times What is purpose and where does it come from? Sense of purpose is crucial to a satisfied and harmonious life. We all seem to have a yearning for something, even if in some people that sense of destiny is partially suppressed, denied or distorted. Purpose in life is what

Finding Purpose in Life

Mike Molyneaux, Contributing Writer Waking Times Many anarchists today advocate the rejection of authority, rules, hierarchy and social order. But more than ever before the world needs wise and encouraging mentors, exceptional, spiritually enlightened, well-informed leaders who will inspire us to cooperate and reach intellectual, emotional and spiritual maturity. We are social beings and we need social relationships, hierarchy and

How To Overcome Challenges

J.P. Hicks, Contributing Writer Waking Times Challenges can be a real bummer. I once finished a 6-month project and felt very good about myself only to discover much of what I worked on was obsolete and needed to be redone. At the time I was already looking forward to some exciting new ventures and was

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