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Perspective on Tough Justice’s Inability To End Violence

Antony Sammeroff, Contributor Waking Times People become violent as a result of suffering severe trauma, such as childhood neglect, abandonment or abuse (physical, emotional and/or sexual) — that is the conclusion of established social science based on the psychological data available to us. The latest science on nature versus nurture says that human nature is 70-80%

Florida Students Take on Private Prison Industry

Ken Butigan, Waging Nonviolence Contributor Waking Times Let’s imagine it’s 2063. Florida Atlantic University’s board of trustees has established a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to disentangle the school’s historical support for the for-profit prison system — including its decision a half-century earlier to award its football stadium naming rights to the GEO Group, the nation’s

Ending the Drug War Should Be a “Left, Right, and Center” Concern

Elizabeth Renter Waking Times It doesn’t take a genius, a criminal justice scholar or an activist to realize that something is wrong with the fact that the United States incarcerates more people than any other country in the world. This is true despite not having the highest crime rates in the world and labeling itself as a “leader” in