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Inside the Garbage of the World

Dr. Mercola – While you may not directly feel the impact of garbage while going about your day to day life, it’s quite literally choking the life out of our ecosystem…

Map Details Extent of Plastic Debris in Five Ocean Gyres

Anastasia Pantsios, EcoWatch Waking Times When a research team set sail on a nine-month, worldwide expedition in 2010 to study the impact of global warming on Earth’s oceans, one of their projects was to locate the accumulations of plastic. They found plenty. They explored the five huge gyres, which collectively contain tens of thousands of

Has Shark Fin Consumption Peaked at 100 Million Dead Sharks Per Year?

Jeremy Hance & Rhett A. Butler, Mongabay Waking Times While a new study warns that up to 100M sharks are killed annually, there are signs out of China that demand for shark fin may be on the decline. A study published last week in the journal Marine Policy estimated shark deaths at 100 million in 2000 and

We Must Stop Eating Our Oceans

The mysterious and remarkable ocean is in desperate peril and will soon die unless we reclaim the waters and refuse to support the mass extinction that we are currently causing. Paraphrasing Captain Paul Watson- what befalls the ocean befalls us all. The world is a connected web; we cannot have a healthy planet without a healthy marine ecosystem.