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Sugar Industry Secrets Exposed

Dr. Mercola – Evidence is clear that refined sugar is a primary factor causing obesity and chronic disease.

Food Addiction: It’s Not An Eating Disorder

Jowita Bydlowskais – “People have this response that food addiction can’t be as bad as cocaine addiction partly because society doesn’t see overeating as a problem…”

How Artificial Sweeteners Induce Diabetes and Obesity Related Changes

Sayer Ji, GreenMedInfo Waking Times A groundbreaking new study published in the prestigious journal Nature has revealed how non-caloric artificial sweeteners (NAS) drive obesity- and diabetes-related changes in both mice and humans. The study titled, “Artificial sweeteners induce glucose intolerance by altering the gut microbiota,” states: “Here we demonstrate that consumption of commonly used NAS

Solving The Mystery of Cancer

Jean Perrins, Contributor Waking Times It was the 17th century that the first official reports of cancer started to be documented in scientific literature. Today, scientists predict that cancer will be the leading cause of death in the US, and we’re almost there. A study by scientists at the University of Manchester is showing strong indications

Is Your Diet Soda Making You Fat?

Margie King, Green Med Info Waking Times Despite all the warnings about the risks of chemicals in diet sodas, many people still rely on their daily Coke Zero.  They take the risk because their greater concern is weight control.  Parents are even feeding diet sodas to their children in the belief that it will avert

The Common Toxin Lurking in Your Pantry Causing Obesity, Diabetes, Infertility and a Range of Unpleasant Side Effects

Carolanne Wright, Guest Waking Times Typically, individuals concerned about health read labels and question if the food they consume will promote vitality and balance. So it’s particularly disturbing when a hazardous ingredient is allowed to infiltrate the food supply under a misleading name that hides its true identity. Thanks to the Food and Drug Administration

Is Water Fluoridation to Blame for the Fattening of America?

Carolanne Wright, Guest Waking Times As more information comes to light about fluoride poisoning across the country, connections between the chemical and weight gain are garnering attention. A known suppressor of the thyroid gland, fluoride is a major player in the rampant increase of obesity. But the toxicity of fluoride is subtle and can also

10 Things the Processed Food Industry Does Not Want You to Know

Dr. Mercola Waking Times Processed foods are typically loaded with excess sugar, salt, unhealthful fats, preservatives and other additives. But you probably know this already. What you may not know about processed foods is the extent of the havoc they can wreak on your body, a closely guarded secret that the processed food industry doesn’t