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Waiting For God?

Julian Rose – Many individuals appear to be waiting for some one, or thing, to intervene and make things OK.

Brave New Year

Julian Rose, Contributor Waking Times “We can, if we so desire, refuse to cooperate with the blind forces that are propelling us.” –Aldous Huxley So here we are, moving into 2014. And no doubt with that sense of expectancy and promise which comes with all ‘New Years’. But maybe also with that nagging sense which

New Years Resolutions: Tuning Up Your Brain

Natasha Thomas, MT-BC, Guest Writer Waking Times It’s hard to believe another year is almost over, taking with it my holiday break. I woke up late this morning and spent the day baking, cleaning, and doing other laid-back, but necessary chores to keep myself from becoming too adjusted to all the free time off of