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How to Look at the World in a Powerful, Creative Way

Peter O’Donoghue, Contributor Waking Times The moment we wake from dreamless sleep, the world, and us as individuals within it, suddenly come back into existence and a new experience begins. The reality we perceive around us seems definite and solid, governed by fixed laws. We use our senses to ascertain what appears to be going

Invisible Waveforms, ET’s and Other Transmissions

V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor Waking Times The recent ‘Citizen Hearing on Disclosure’ discussed possible reasons for the pervasive, pathological and absurd secrecy around the ongoing extraterrestrial & UFO events, which do appear to be increasing. The reasons given by the courageous panel I do agree with — for example power, manipulation, control, money and greed;

Bending Spoons, Bending Reality & Loving Schrödinger’s Cat

Christina Sarich, Contributor Waking Times “ . . .The creative advance into novelty – is part of the prehension of each and every being in existence, and the creative-part cannot be ripped from the being‑part without severe violence.” – Ken Wilber We can bend a spoon with really cold ice cream, but we can also affect matter

The Cosmic Pattern of Creation That Builds Our Illusions

Rene Descartes, Contributing Writer Waking Times Editor’s Note: As a primer, please enjoy the first part of this article, Reality is Beyond Our Perception.  Looking to outer space you find countless stars, suns, like the star of this solar system, with planets of their own in orbit. Constantly moving and vibrating, they follow the same

Mathematics and Reality

Peter Russell, Spirit of Now Waking Times The question is sometimes raised as to how it is that mathematics, which is a creation of the human mind, without any empirical reference to external reality, should match reality so well. When we make the distinction between the reality we experience and the underlying reality, the correlation

What Is Reality? How It Relates to Your Well-Being

Pao L. Chang, Guest Writer Waking Times Reality is something that we experience everyday, yet most of us have little clue of what it really is. Understanding reality is important for your well-being because it affects your growth and personal development, and the reality that you choose to live in is the catalyst that helps

When Seeing Isn’t Believing

Waking Times One fish said to the other: “Do you believe in this ocean that they talk about?” This ancient Chinese saying well illustrates how narrow our vision of the world and the universe can be. We see the world from our limited perceptual framework. Despite evolution of our race, an average human mind is

Transcending Our Brain Created Reality: A New Call to Lift Nature’s Veil

Bernardo Kastrup, Ph.D., New Dawn Waking Times The study of non-ordinary states of consciousness is quickly becoming an established area of scientific and philosophical inquiry. Yet, all the enthusiasm about finding out what these non-ordinary states are somehow obfuscates much bigger, important, and urgent questions: What as-of-yet unknown aspects of reality do they give us access to?

Maintaining the Mystery in Universal Memes

Christina Sarich, Contributing Writer Waking Times What is Certain? “I don’t know whether these people are going to find themselves, but as they live their lives they have no choice but to face up to the image others have of them. They’re forced to look at themselves in a mirror, and they often manage to glimpse

DNA Activation: The Secret to Health and Enlightenment

Pao L. Chang, Guest Writer Waking Times  It has been over a century since DNA was discovered and yet scientists still have not understood the true roles of DNA and its relationship to our health. One of the main reasons for this is because most scientists are only studying the surface of DNA which consists

The Physical Universe is an Information System

K.J. McClean Waking Times For 5,000 years we have been taught that our physical reality is massive and really hard to change. That viewpoint is limited, however, and is the result of knowledge gained strictly from the limitation of the five bodily senses. In fact, most of the “action” in the physical universe happens on

Physicalism: A False View of the World

Physicalism is the philosophical claim that only what is physical is real, where physical means: To be found or inferred by measurement and reason as existing in the world observable by the outer senses (mainly sight, hearing and touch). Physicalism is distinct from physics. Physics is (a) an activity based upon observing the world (by means of the outer senses), theorizing, experimenting and testing and (b) a body of knowledge which consists of truths established by this activity.