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The Idle No More Movement – In Defense of the Earth for Future Generations

Gyasi Ross, Indian Country Today Waking Times Lately, Native people have taken to the streets malls in demonstrations of Public Indian-ness (“PI”) that surpasses the sheer volume of activism of even Alcatraz and the Longest Walk. There’s a heapum big amount of PI going on right now! Many people, non-Native and Native alike, are wondering what the heck is going with their

Lakota Women Lead Victory Over Keystone Pipeline Trespassers (Video)

Lakota families refuse to allow passage of a convoy of trucks and equipment servicing the Keystone XL Pipeline. Blocking the highway with non-violent resistance, the determination of the Lakota in rejecting the convoy can be viewed as inspiration to all who oppose the destruction of our environment to temporarily meet energy demands. A temporary victory for sure, but an opportunity to revisit the idea of non-violent resistance and an opportunity to celebrate.

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