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Our Progenitors, The ‘Pitaram’ Orbit the Moon

V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor Waking Times In Sanskrit the Pitaram, our ancient progenitors — those ‘forefather’ colonizing beings, who came to this planet and took part in the creation and hybridization of the human races — are described by the Seer Rishi Dîrgatamas, who composed the following verse in the ancient Sanskrit text, the Rig

Are We Food for the Moon?

Jason Jeffrey, New Dawn Waking Times If man is not affected in some way by the Moon, he is the only thing on Earth that isn’t. – Robert Millikan (1868-1953), US physicist & 1923 Nobel Prize winner Probably no heavenly body has received as much attention down through the ages as our Moon. The causes

Lunar Nano Soil – More Evidence of Alien Engineering?

Zen Gardner This should add some more fuel to the artificial moon argument. Could this curious find be more proof our moon is not natural, but manufactured? Let this broaden your horizons. Any way you look it, this has some remarkable information about our amazing Universe that’s unfolding before us. Nanoparticles found in moon glass

10 Interesting Myths and Legends About The Moon

The moon is a powerful force of nature. Just step outside in the middle of the night when the sky is clear and the moon is full and look it for a moment. You won’t be able to deny that it feels magical and intense and amazing. And people over time haven’t been able to deny that either. In fact, the moon has been a central part of many myths and legends across different cultures precisely because of how powerful this part of the sky is.