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U.S. Citizens Willing to Spend Billions to Protect Monarch Butterflies

Paul Sutherland, Mongabay Waking Times New research shows most Americans place importance on the protection of the ailing monarch butterfly, which is experiencing a steep decline in numbers. The study, published in Conservation Letters, found nearly three-quarters of those surveyed support conservation efforts for the iconic species, and are willing to spend several billion dollars to

Monarch Butterflies in Decline Due to Proliferation of GM Crops

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer Waking Times The monarch butterfly is yet another animal species that appears to be in rapid decline due to the rise in herbicide-resistant genetically modified (GM) crops. These butterflies lay eggs on milkweed plants, and once the eggs hatch, monarch caterpillars feed exclusively on the weed. Yet, the overuse of Monsanto’s