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How to Hack the Placebo Effect

Keith Holden – Research on the placebo effect proves the amazing power of the mind in health and healing. How can you use this to improve your life?

how to meditate

The Three Dimensions of Mindfulness

Frank M. Wanderer – When the notion of Mindfulness is mentioned at a conversation, people often tend to confuse it with being awake.

Mindful Living 101

Infographic – A great overview of why mindful awareness is a healthy skill and how to get started.

5 Ways to Stay Mindful in 2015

Jennifer Sodini – In order to stay strong, practicing mindfulness is an excellent way to integrate the lessons of 2014 in to 2015, and the list below contains 5 ways stay mindful in the year ahead.

Taking Better Care of the Mind

Video – A talk to help you realize how easy it is to take better care of the mind and maximize its and your potential.

Neuroscience Shows How Meditation Can Vanquish Mental Disorders

Christina Sarich, Natural Society Waking Times Can mindfulness practice (meditation) help vanquish mental disorders? According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), 7.7 million Americans suffer from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder – approximately 3.3% of the US population when combined. Of these, approximately 40% of the individuals with schizophrenia and 51% of those with bipolar are untreated

How We Lose Our Personal Power

Mary Rivas, Contributor Waking Times Everyone has the potential to live an amazing life. We were all born with a vast amount of energy that, if not depleted, can absolutely be used to create amazing changes in our lives and help us live truly extraordinary lives. The problem is as time goes by, we start

Mindfulness Reduces Pain And Opioid Misuse

Newswise Waking Times With nearly one-third of Americans suffering from chronic pain, prescription opioid painkillers have become the leading form of treatment for this debilitating condition. Unfortunately, misuse of prescription opioids can lead to serious side effects—including death by overdose. A new treatment developed by University of Utah researcher Eric Garland has shown to not

Can Yoga for Kids Reduce Violence?

Kimaya Singh, Guest Waking Times With the recent spate of mass shootings, people have begun to ask what it will take to reduce violence, especially among kids or in places where they spend time. We know that violence does not just occur in random places sparked by uncertain things. It also takes place daily in

New Study: Meditation Alters Genes Rapidly, Triggers Molecular Changes

Elizabeth Renter, Natural Society Waking Times If you are a practitioner of meditation, the results of a new study published in Psychoneuroendocrinology will likely come as no surprise. But for some scientists, the revelation that meditating can actually trigger molecular changes is groundbreaking. The researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Institute of Biomedical Research in Barcelona,

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