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In Defense of (Raw) Milk

Eleni Roumeliotou, Green Med Info Waking Times There is plenty of clinical and nutritional evidence that milk, this hailed “natural” drink, is the source of numerous immunological, gastrointestinal and perhaps neurological disorders. While it is important to acknowledge these facts, it is equally necessary to remember that the milk we are talking about is a highly

Got Hemp Milk? The Benefits of Hemp Milk

Joe Martino, Guest Waking Times Hemp milk is an incredibly nutritious and tasty alternative to cows milk as it supplies the body with essential nutrients without the harm that dairy causes to the body. For some, it is an ethical choice to not drink animals milk, for others it is an intolerance. Others choose to avoid it

Kick Pasteurized Milk To The Curb And Make Your Own Healthy Nut Milk

Karen Foster, Prevent Disease Waking Times Sure, we can all buy our favorite store brands, but how many of us dread those nasty complement ingredients such as emulsifiers, oils, starches, artificial or even natural flavors we know have no place in a healthy beverage? If you make your own nut milk, you’ll also save yourself

Top 11 Biggest Lies of Mainstream Nutrition

Kris Gunnars, Guest Writer Waking Times There is a lot of misinformation circling around in mainstream nutrition. I have listed the worst examples in this article, but unfortunately this is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are the top 11 biggest lies, myths and misconceptions of mainstream nutrition. 1. Eggs Are Unhealthy There’s one

Why You Should Avoid Low-Fat Cheese and Milk

Lisa Garber, Natural Society Waking Times  If you thought you were doing your body justice by reaching for the low-fat cheese or milk, you may want to think again. While dietitians and others recommend low- and no-fat varieties, more experts are starting to realize why full-fat milk, cheese, and dairy as a whole should be

Should We Get Raw Milk By Prescription?

Raluca Schachter, Guest Writer Waking Times If I ever travel to other US states I’d like to be able to buy raw milk by prescription. Since you can easily get many things by prescription these days… All kind of dangerous substances. FDA says raw milk is “dangerous”. So I bet I could get it by prescription!

The 3 Foods That Can Be Destroying Your Health

Neda Smith, FDN, CMTA, HHC, Guest Writer Waking Times Often addiction, especially to food, occurs during your childhood years. We all remember eating cereal as kids, but over the past three years the amount of cereal consumed by children and adults has increased to an all-time high. In its original form it was designed to

Common Modern Foods Which Cause DNA Damage

Raluca Schachter, Guest Writer Waking Times How important is it what you put in your mouth, after all? How much man made, toxic lab food can one ingest before negative symptoms show up? How much more sickness does this society have to endure before we finally stay united and demand more from our food system, through

American Milk Banned in Europe Because it Does No Body Good

Anna Hunt, Staff Writer Waking Times As a mother of three young children, the debate centered around the nutritional value of cow’s milk has been at the forefront of my mind for quite some time. Conditioned by the well-known campaigns of milk marketers “Milk. It does a body good.” and “Got Milk?”, I’ve been led to

New Research Casts Doubt on Pasteurization Techniques For Milk

Natasha Longo Waking Times Pastuerized milk is perhaps one of the most nutritionally deficient beverages misappropriately labeled as a “perfect food.” Our public health officials even issue advisory warnings to ensure that those with weakened immune systems only consume pasteurized foods. The truth about pasteurization is that it denatures milk. It alters its chemical structure,


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