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Suspicions Rise over the Virginia WDBJ Shooting

Video – Do the actions of killed WDBJ reporter Alison Parker’s family members seem normal to you? Especially so soon after finding out about their loved one’s shooting?

False Flag Trigger Words and Mass Trauma Based Mind Control

Zen Gardner, Guest Waking Times I find it significant that the Sandy Hook issue comes back into public consciousness repeatedly. It’s almost as if even the alternative community is baffled how these manipulating bastards were able to pull that highly publicized scam off so slickly, despite it being challenged from the get go and then

The Violent Side Effects of Antidepressants that Many Ignore

Dr. Mercola Waking Times In light of a long list of mass shootings over the past several years, the causative role of psychiatric drugs in violent events will undoubtedly have to be evaluated and addressed at some point. Personally, I’d vote for sooner, rather than later. Antidepressants in particular have a well-established history of causing violent side

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