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How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One

Katrin Geist, Wakeup-World Waking Times Breaking the habit of being yourself requires – dare I say it? – discipline. Daily discipline. And once you embark on it, it’s the most wonderful process in the making. It is exciting and fun, and it becomes easier and easier with every time you practice, just like training a muscle. You do indeed

The Science of Positive Manifestation

Michelle Walling, CHLC, In5D Guest Waking Times Are you the type of person that starts the day with a smile? Have you always wanted to be like that person who always seems to be in a good mood? Knowing how the brain works biologically can help you understand why it is so hard to change

Important Keys to Manifestation and Energy Return

Ida Lawrence, Contributor Waking Times The work that you do is not what you’d love to do, but you do it because you have to… and you wish you didn’t have to. That’s the uncomfortable feeling within the mind/heart of many of us. Some of us are not only doing work that that we don’t

Quantum Physics, Consciousness, and How Manifestation Happens – with Amit Goswami

Tim Chrisco, Guest Writer Waking Times In the following series of videos Professor Amit Goswami describes the process of, for lack of a better word, enlightenment. In his description he gives us a clear understanding of how our consciousness interacts with the world, and how enlightenment occurs. It turns out, according to Professor Goswami, that achieving

Living Beyond The Law of Attraction

Sherri Carter, Contributing Writer Waking Times When I heard about The Law of Attraction, it seemed to be a powerful message.  Authors, teachers and spiritual leaders who heavily focused on the belief that thoughts are energy, spoke about attracting everything we ever needed to us just by thinking good thoughts.  At first, this appeared to

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