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Killing Them With Kindness?

Julie Umpleby, Contributor Waking Times Most of us at some stage will have reached into our pockets and made some kind of financial contribution to assist those in the ‘third world’ so desperately in need of nourishment, help and support. After all, how can any decent human being not be affected by the images of emaciated,

Malnutrition: The Unreported Reason Why Children’s Cavities Are On The Rise

Ramiel Nagel Waking Times Children’s cavities are on the rise, and children today who have cavities are requiring more expensive and extensive dental surgery to hide the problems of dental decay. “The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported there was an increase five years ago in the number of preschool children with cavities, for

Hemp – The Answer To The Global Food Crisis?

Becca Wolford, Contributing Writer Waking Times  There are indications (and there have been for a while) that we are entering a stage where food will be in short supply in some regions of our world, and in other areas it will be in abundance, but just too expensive to buy. Right now our grocery stores

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