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The Pineal Gland Pyramid and Lucid Dreams

Meme – The pineal gland pyramid below shows how lucid dreams can enable us to contact another form of intelligence, which the ancient Egyptians considered to be associated with the star Sirius. In essence, one’s lucid dreams are one’s personal stargate.

52 Ways to Have Lucid Dreams

Rebecca Turner, World of Lucid Dreaming Waking Times Learning to have lucid dreams can be fun, intensive, frustrating, euphoric, bizarre, daunting – yet ultimately, lucid dreaming is a hugely rewarding and life-changing experience. Learning how to lucid dream is like any other skill that you develop over time. There is no magic secret to behold.

Polyphasic Sleep – Fast Pass to REM Sleep and Lucid Dreams

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer Waking Times What do Leonarda da Vinci and Thomas Edison have in common? They were both proponents of polyphasic sleep, which refers to the practice of sleeping multiple times during a 24 hour period, versus the monophasic sleep cycle where we sleep for 6-8 hours and then are awake the remaining

Taoism and Lucid Dreaming

You-Sheng Li, Guest Writer Waking Times When I was a child, my father was a family physician. Occasionally he talked about dreams with his patients or neighbouring peasants. Having overheard their chat, I joined in one day, saying, “I dreamed of walking on the street but I was aware that I was dreaming. So I was

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