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7 Keys to Balanced Living

Dr. Stewart Bitkoff, Contributor Waking Times Q: How do I balance the physical, mental and spiritual dimension? Everyone goes through this life Doing the best they can. Often travelers are blind to the fact They can reach higher. The ability to show this to someone, And help them extend their reach Is very rare and

False Freedom and Free Will

Personocratia, Contributor Waking Times  Canadian citizens are guaranteed rights and privileges that the inhabitants of many other countries envy. Yet, with worsening working conditions, increasing taxation, crumbling public services, lowering food quality, and an ever-increasing national debt, my old rose-colored glasses cannot hide the truth anymore. Despite the six million laws regulating Canadians, I have never

The Sound of the Void

Ida Lawrence, Contributor Waking Times How good it is when you begin to heal and you’re suddenly aware of the change – it’s the wonderful ‘wow I feel better’ moment. Whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritual, back into balance is mighty nice. Now, I’m guessing that there are readers who are consistently in balance and

The Virtue of Dissent: A New Concept of Moralism

Z, Contributing Writer Waking Times “Disobedience, the rarest and most courageous of the virtues, is seldom distinguished from neglect, the laziest and commonest of the vices.” – George Bernard Shaw “At this point in history the capacity to doubt, to criticize and to disobey may be all that stands between a future for mankind and the

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